8 Jul 1923

  • Joseph Stilwell boarded USAT Thomas in China. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
8 Jul 1932

United States
8 Jul 1937

  • At 0330 hours, four Japanese mountain gun crews and a machine gun company were ordered to prepare for an invasion of China. At 0500 hours (still 7 Jul 1937 for the western world on the other side of the International Date Line), the Japanese opened fire, starting the Second Sino-Japanese War. Japanese Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe held a cabinet meeting in an attempt to find a solution to de-escalate the situation, but the Japanese Army was working in the opposite direction, planning to move the Japanese Chosen Army and Kwantung Army units to the contested region. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • The Chinese Communist Party urged its members over a radio announcement to cooperate with the Nationalist Party in the war against Japan. ww2dbase [CPC]
Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1937
Chinese ZB vz. 26 machine gun crew at Lugou Bridge, Beiping, China, Jul 1937Chinese ZB vz. 26 machine gun crew at Lugou Bridge, Beiping, China, Jul 1937Chinese sentry at the Lugou Bridge, Beiping, China, Jul 1937
8 Jul 1939

  • Korvettenkapitän Johannes Franz was named the commanding officer of U-27, replacing Korvettenkapitän Hans-Georg von Friedeburg. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
8 Jul 1940
  • British bombers attacked German heavy cruiser Lützow in dock at Kiel, Germany. Lützow, under repair for extensive torpedo damage to her stern caused by HMS Spearfish on 11 Apr 1940, was hit by a bomb that failed to detonate. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Wichita and USS Quincy departed Santos, Brazil for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Phoenix departed Valparaiso, Chile for Callao, Peru. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Expanding on their previous agreement, Sweden allowed Germany to transport war materiel across their rail lines. ww2dbase [TH]
  • British Metropolitan Police was ordered to be armed when guarding important locations. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • German submarine U-99 sank British ship Humber Arm of Allied convoy HX-53 60 miles south of Ireland at 0753 hours; 42 crew members and 1 passenger were later rescued by destroyer HMS Scimitar. The submarine was attacked with 107 depth charges from various escorting vessels for the following 14 hours, but the German boat under the command of Otto Kretschmer would be able to escape harm. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Italian submarine Marconi torpedoed and damaged destroyer HMS Escort southwest of Minorca, Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea, killing 2 and wounding 13; HMS Escort would sink later while under tow by destroyer HMS Forester. On the same day, Italian aircraft bombed cruiser HMS Gloucester, hitting the compass platform of the bridge, wounding 9 and killing 12; the commanding officer was among those killed. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • The British RAF Fighter Command established the 10 Group for the defense of southwestern Britain. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • The US Joint War Planning Committee completed a plan calling for an expeditionary force to be dispatched from New York, New York, United States to the French colony of Martinique; the US 1st Marine Brigade was earmarked for the initial landing force. ww2dbase [CPC]
French Morocco
  • At Casablanca, French Morocco, British motor torpedo boats attacked French battleship Jean Bart, causing damage. ww2dbase [Main Article | Event | CPC]
French West Africa
  • British Swordfish torpedo bombers from carrier HMS Hermes hit French battleship Richelieu at Dakar, French West Africa for the second consecutive day, despite that Richelieu had already touched bottom from the attacks on the previous day. ww2dbase [Main Article | Event | CPC]
United Kingdom
  • Tea went on ration in Britain at two ounces per person per week. ww2dbase [AC]
  • In England, United Kingdom, General Charles de Gaulle denounced the ongoing British attacks on Vichy French forces. ww2dbase [Main Article | Event | CPC]
8 Jul 1941
  • British B-17 bombers were deployed on a combat mission for the first time as three of them were ordered to attack Wilhelmshaven, Germany. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Jews in the Baltic states were forced to wear the Star of David. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • German troops captured Pskov, Russia. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH]
  • Before dawn, British bombers attacked Münster, Germany. During the day, German anti-aircraft guns began arriving at the city in response to the recent successive night bombings. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Rationing of basic foodstuff begins in Moscow, Leningrad and other major Soviet Union cities. ww2dbase [AC]
  • After sundown, German bombers conducted a light attack on Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
French Syria and Lebanon
  • Australian troops cut off the road leading into the northern part of Beirut, Lebanon. South of Beirut, Australian 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion and elements of the 6th Divisional Cavalry Regiment also approached Beirut. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Arizona arrived at Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii. ww2dbase [Main Article | Facility | CPC]
Japan United Kingdom
  • A Soviet military mission arrived in London, England, United Kingdom. ww2dbase [TH]
Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1941
German generals Fedor von Bock, Hermann Hoth, Wolfram von Richthofen, and Walther von Hünsdorff (not in photo), Russia, 8 Jul 1941
8 Jul 1942
  • USS S-37 sank Japanese transport Tenzan Maru 20 miles northwest of Rabaul, New Britain. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Japanese hospital ship Hikawa Maru arrived at Ambon, Molucca Islands. ww2dbase [Main Article | Tabular Record of Movement | CPC]
  • In southern Russia and Ukraine, 4.Panzearmee began to push down the Don River, attempting to meet with 6.Armee coming from Kharkov; meanwhile, 1.Panzerarmee crossed the Donets River. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH]
  • Winston Churchill urged Franklin Roosevelt to agree to Operation Gymnast, a plan to jointly invade North Africa, since "[n]o responsible British general, admiral, or air marshal is prepared to recommend [a cross channel attack] as a practicable operation in 1942." ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Japanese carrier task force withdrew from Alaskan waters after the completion of the Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • British General Claude Auchinleck ordered an attack on Tel el Eisa and Tel el Makh Khad near El Alamein, Egypt. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Chester Nimitz issued the final plan for the lower Solomon Islands offensive scheduled to be launhed in Aug 1942. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Survivors of German submarine U-701, sunk by a US Hudson aircraft on the previous day off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, United States, spotted American aircraft and ships in search of them. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Japanese submarine I-10 sank British ship Hartismere in the Mozambique Channel at 0748 hours; all aboard survived. I-10 struck again at 1800 hours, sinking Dutch freighter Alchiba in the same area, killing 5. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • German submarine U-255 sank US ship Olopana of Allied convoy PQ-17 at 0100 hours; 7 were killed, 34 survived). ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS S-43 departed Brisbane, Australia with RAAF Flight Officer Cecil John Trevelyan Mason aboard for New Ireland. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Before dawn, 30 Soviet patrol boats and torpedo boats disembarked troops on the island of Someri, Finland, immediately engaging the Finnish garrison on the island. After daybreak, Finnish gunboats and torpedo boats arrived, sinking three Soviet torpedo boats. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • 285 British bombers (137 Wellington, 52 Lancaster, 38 Halifax, 34 Stirling, 24 Hampden) attacked the docks at Wilhelmshaven, Germany, causing little or no damage to the docks, killing 25 civilians, and wounding 170; 5 bombers were lost on this mission. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Wing Commander (Acting) Guy Gibson, at 23 the youngest Squadron commanding officer in RAF Bomber Command and a man already marked out for great things, flew the newly issued Lancaster bomber operationally for the first time during the raid on Wilhelmshaven, Germany. A young Australian pilot officer, Dave Shannon, went with him to gain experience. Shannon, like Gibson, was later to find fame in 617 Squadron. The aircraft they flew was lost a month later over Essen, Germany with a different crew. ww2dbase [AC]
  • Axis convoy Siena departed Suda Bay, Crete, Greece; it was consisted of 5 freighters, Italian destroyer Mitragliere, German destroyer ZG-3, Italian torpedo boat Sirio, Italian torpedo boat Cassiopea, German submarine chaser UJ-2104, and German submarine chaser UJ-2107. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Valetta harbor, Malta was attacked by air. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH]
  • Soviet submarine ShCh-317 sank German ship Otto Cords 10 miles off of the Swedish coast. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
United States
  • The eight German saboteurs captured in the United States during the past several weeks were placed on trial before a special military commission at the Department of Justice in Washington DC, United States. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • German submarine U-571 damaged US tanker J. A. Moffett, Jr. 4 miles off of the Florida Keys, Florida, United States at 0616 hours, killing 1 of 42 aboard; the tanker ran aground to prevent sinking, but she would later be declared a total loss. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1942
Astoria during battle practice off Hawaii, 8 Jul 1942, photo 1 of 2Astoria during battle practice off Hawaii, 8 Jul 1942, photo 2 of 2
8 Jul 1943
  • Casablanca was commissioned into service. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • The keel of submarine Blenny was laid down. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • German submarine U-759 was reportedly to be lost, though later records show she might had not been destroyed until 23 Jul 1943. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • In the Kursk salient Walter Model's armour made three thrusts into the centre of the Soviet defences along the Central Front, the villages of Teploye, Olkhovatka and Ponyri in Russia. At Teploye, the main objective was Hill 272. Time and again the Germans assaulted it, after attacks by swarms of Stuka dive bombers which dropped 550-pound bombs on the anti-tank positions. But the Soviets were well dug in and camouflaged. They preferred to fight the Germans at close range, where their anti-tank rifles and dug in T-34 tanks took a devastating toll. The Germans took the hill three times, but the Soviets continued to recapture it. ww2dbase [Main Article | AC]
British Western Pacific Territories
  • Companies N and Q of USMC 4th Raider Battalion were dispatched on a patrol on Gatukai Island in New Georgia, Solomon Islands after reports on the possible presence of a 50-100 men Japanese garrison on the island. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Richard Heppner arrived in India. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • The 400-mph Macchi C.205V Veltro fighter made its combat debut when fifteen machines escorted a force of Italian Regia Aeronautica torpedo-bombers tasked to attack Allied warships bombarding the island of Pantelleria southwest of Sicily, Italy. ww2dbase [Main Article | AC]
Pacific Ocean
  • USS Permit sank Japanese merchant ship Showa Maru and Soviet oceanographic vessel No. 20 off Hokkaido, Japan, hitting them with 3 of 10 torpedoes fired. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
US Pacific Islands
  • Eight US Army B-24 bombers from Midway made the first land-based air strike against Wake Atoll. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH, CPC]
8 Jul 1944
  • As Baranovichi, Byelorussia fell to the Soviets, German XII Corps surrendered its last 57,000 men. The German Armeegruppe Mitte alone had lost nearly 30 divisions in less than a month. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH]
  • British Second Army launched Operation Charnwood against Caen, France. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH]
  • Jewish ghettos in Kovno, Lithuania began to be evacuated by German authorities. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Allied bombers conducted a raid on Belgrade, Yugoslavia. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Takeo Takagi was killed in action on Saipan, Mariana Islands. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Chuichi Nagumo was posthumously promoted to the rank of admiral. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Wing Commander Bill Deas, Commanding Officer of No. 630 Squadron of the British Royal Air Force, was killed in a disastrous raid on a V-bomb storage dump at Saint-Leu-d'Esserent, France. His was one of 29 aircraft lost when the force was intercepted by German night fighters. He was on his 69th operation. ww2dbase [AC]
  • Raoul Wallenberg landed at Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany and traveled to his sister's residence in the southwestern suburb of the city. He would experience his first air raid during that night. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Lieutenant General Renya Mutaguchi withdrew the remnants of the Japanese 33rd Division from Imphal, India back into Burma. ww2dbase [Main Article | TH]
Japan Taiwan
  • Lieutenant General Haruki Isayama was named the chief of staff of the Taiwan Army. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Air Group 80 and ship's crew in support of the air group aboard USS Ticonderoga were given a day's rest while off Trinidad. ww2dbase [Main Article | DS]
United States
  • Franklin Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd visited Shangri-La (now Camp David) near Thurmont, Maryland, United States. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1944
Fort du Roule located at CherbourgView of the railway ferry terminal in the harbor of Cherbourg, France, 8 Jul 1944, showing German gun emplacements and damage from demolitions and bombsUS Marines advancing under the cover of a M4 Sherman medium tank, northern Saipan, Mariana Islands, 8 Jul 1944British Sherman tanks near Lebisey Wood for the assault on Caen, France, 8 Jul 1944
See all photos dated 8 Jul 1944
8 Jul 1945
  • USS Missouri set sail as an escort for carriers. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • The crew of light cruiser Voroshilov was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Carbonero completed her first war patrol. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • RAF sergeant Simon Eden, son of British foreign secretary Anthony Eden, was listed as missing in action in Burma. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • 9 US carriers, organized into 3 task groups each complete with battleship and cruiser screens, refueled east of Iwo Jima, Japan. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Over 100 American fighters struck eastern Honshu, Japan from their bases on Iwo Jima, Japan. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Subhash Chandra Bose attended the foundation stone laying ceremony for the Indian National Army War Memorial in Singapore. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • Barbers Point Naval Air Station: Air Group 10 arrived. ww2dbase [Main Article | DS]
Japan Pacific Ocean
  • USS Bluefish sank a Japanese patrol boat in the South China Sea, hitting her with 2 of 12 torpedoes fired. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • USS Boarfish was attacked by bombs by a Japanese aircraft, but sustained no damage. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
  • US B-24 bombers based in the Philippine Islands struck Shinchiku Airfield (now Hsinchu), Taiwan. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
United States
  • In what was later nicknamed as "The Midnight Massacre", US Army prison guard Private Clarence V. Bertucci climbed to the top of a guard tower of the prisoners of war camp in Salina, Utah, United States and fired the mounted M1917 Browning machine gun on tents occupied by German prisoners. His 15 seconds of rampage, during which 250 rounds were fired, killed 6 and wounded 20 (3 of whom would later of their wounds). The victims were later buried with full military honors at Fort Douglas Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah, while Bertucci was admitted into a mental institution in the state of New York in eastern United States. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • British carrier HMS Reaper arrived at Newark, New Jersey, United States with a captured German Ar 234 aircraft aboard. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1945
Battleship USS Iowa and carrier USS Shangri-La receiving fuel from oiler USS Cahaba, 8 Jul 1945Oblique aerial view of West Field, Tinian, Mariana Islands, Jul 8, 1945.Essex-class carrier USS Bon Homme Richard (left) and battleship USS Missouri (right) taking fuel from fleet oiler USS Tappahannock (center) east of Iwo Jima, 8 Jul 1945.
8 Jul 1946
  • Baltimore was decommissioned from service. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
8 Jul 1947

  • Du Yuming arrived in Shanghai, China. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1947
Ilse Koch at the US Military Tribunal in Dachau, Germany, 8 Jul 1947
8 Jul 1950

Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1950
Lieutenant General Walton Walker and Major General William Dean studying a map near Taejon, Korea, 8 Jul 1950
8 Jul 1951

Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1951
Lieutenant General James Van Fleet and Rear Admiral Arleigh Burke aboard cruiser Los Angeles, off Korea, 8 Jul 1951
8 Jul 1952

Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1952
US Marine Corps M46 Patton medium tank in Korea, 8 Jul 1952
8 Jul 1955

Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1955
Portrait of Admiral Burke, 8 Jul 1955, photo 1 of 2Portrait of Admiral Burke, 8 Jul 1955, photo 2 of 2
8 Jul 1965

Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 1965
Omar Bradley at the White House Cabinet Room, Washington DC, United States, 8 Jul 1965Henry Cabot Lodge, Dean Acheson, Omar Bradley, and Lyndon Johnson, White House Dining Room, Washington DC, United States, 8 Jul 1965
8 Jul 1982

United States
  • Virginia Hall passed away at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Rockville, Maryland, United States. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
8 Jul 2007

Pacific Ocean
  • US Navy conducted a wreath-laying ceremony at sea for the crew of USS Wahoo in the La Pérouse Strait between Hokkaido, Japan and Sakhalin, Russia. ww2dbase [Main Article | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 8 Jul 2007
PBY-5a aircraft in flight during an air show at Duxford, England, United Kingdom, 8 Jul 2007Ju 52 aircraft in flight during an air show at Duxford, England, United Kingdom, 8 Jul 2007B-17G Flying Fortress bomber Lancaster bomber in flight during an air show at Duxford, England, United Kingdom, 8 Jul 2007

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