Nagano, Nimitz, and other officers of various countries at Admiral Heihachiro Togo's funeral, 7 Jun 1934

Caption   Nagano, Nimitz, and other officers of various countries at Admiral Heihachiro Togo's funeral, 7 Jun 1934
Source   United States Navy Naval History and Heritage Command
Identification Code   NH 58312
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Added By C. Peter Chen

This photograph has been scaled down; full resolution photograph is available here (740 by 594 pixels).

Licensing  According to the US Navy Naval History and Heritage Command, as of 21 Jul 2010:
Official government photographs and documents are in the public domain and may be scanned and reproduced in print or online. They may be cropped or resized, but their content may not be altered.
Additionally, according to the United States copyright law (United States Code, Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105), in part, "[c]opyright protection under this title is not available for any work of the United States Government".

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