Death of Hitler

With the Soviet forces weighing down on his Berlin bunker, the German dictator committed suicide on 30 Apr 1945. Hitler left behind a devastated Europe and the legacy of being among the most evil in the history of mankind.

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Japanese Army soldier with Arisaka Type 38 rifle, date unknownJapanese Army personnel on a parade ground, date unknownParade of Japanese Navy personnel through a small town, date unknownJapanese Army personnel, date unknown
Aerial photo of Nagasaki, Japan after atomic bombing, mid-Aug 1945Workers carrying a gun manufactured at Jiangnan Arsenal, Shanghai, China, circa 1890Sergio Osmeña speaking to troops of the US Army 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment, Camp San Luis Obispo, California, United States, 1942-1944Japanese Army soldier with a Type 11 machine gun, date unknown
Japanese Army soldier carrying a Type 11 machine gun, date unknownJapanese Navy sailors scrubbing the deck of a ship, date unknownPortrait of a Japanese Army Acting Corporal, date unknownJapanese Type 11 machine gun and crew in a bunker, date unknown
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Aerial photograph taken during bombing of a Japanese forward submarine base on Okinawa, Japan, Mar 1945

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