BTD Destroyer file photo [18447]

BTD Destroyer

CountryUnited States
ManufacturerDouglas Aircraft Company
Primary RoleTorpedo Bomber
Maiden Flight8 April 1943


ww2dbaseAircraft designer Ed Heinemann of the Douglas Aircraft Company of the United States led the team that completed the BTD Destroyer torpedo/dive bomber design, which was commissioned by the United States Navy in Jun 1941 to replace the SBD Dauntless and SB2C Helldiver designs currently in use. The prototype aircraft, designated XSB2D-1, took flight in Apr 1943, and deliveries to the US Navy began in Jun 1944. The US Navy originally ordered 358 examples from Douglas, but the contract was canceled when the Pacific War ended. Only 26 production examples were delivered. Including the two additional prototypes built in 1944 (XBTD-2 prototype turbojet aircraft), only 30 examples of this design were built between 1943 and 1945, and none of them saw combat. All of them were retired from service by the end of 1945.

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BTD Destroyer Timeline

20 Jun 1941 US Navy placed a contract with the Douglas Aircraft Company for two prototype aircraft of a new carrier torpedo/dive bomber design.
8 Apr 1943 XSB2D-1 prototype aircraft took its first flight.
5 Mar 1944 The second BTD Destroyer prototype aircraft took its first flight.


MachineryOne Wright R-3350-14 Cyclone 18 radial engine rated at 2,300hp
Armament2x20mm cannon, up to 1,450kg of bombs or one torpedo
Span13.72 m
Length11.76 m
Height4.14 m
Weight, Empty5,244 kg
Weight, Maximum8,618 kg
Speed, Maximum538 km/h
Service Ceiling7,195 m


The XSB2D-1 prototype in flight, 1943.  Only two were built.  This was the prototype that was developed into the BTD Destroyer.XSB2D-1 Destroyer prototype on a test flight, 1943.XSB2D-1 Destroyer prototype taking off on a test flight, 1943.SBD-4 & SBD-5 Dauntlesses join USAAF as A-24A Banshees at Douglas Aircraft Cos El Segundo Plant, Mar 16 1943. Note two experimental XSB2D-1 torpedo bomber prototypes against the back fence 3 weeks before its maiden flight.
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BTD Destroyer Torpedo Bomber Photo Gallery
The XSB2D-1 prototype in flight, 1943.  Only two were built.  This was the prototype that was developed into the BTD Destroyer.
See all 7 photographs of BTD Destroyer Torpedo Bomber

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