Intelligentsia; Martha, Mary, Dick, and Mark; Recruitment of Hein

16 Aug 1940

USSRReference: 3/PPDT/T1


No: 89516th Aug. 40


1. INTELLIGENTSIA [INTELLIGENTsIYa][i] has not yet found the people [a] in the military [C% finance department][VOENNYJ FINANSOVYJ][b]. He has been given the address of one officer but he has not found him yet. He has promised to deliver [c] documentary material [MATERIAL] from ... [ii] who is working on an ... assignment .... I have taken the opportunity of pointing out to the X GROUP [GRUPPA IKS][iii] that we need a man of a different calibre and one who is bolder than INTELLIGENTSIA.

2. MARTHA [MARTA][IV] has handed over material on experience [gained from][d] using artillery in France. The material is in French [and][d] we are looking for a translator. In view of MARY's [MERI][v] departure I request permission to put DICK [DIK][vi] or MARK [vii] in touch with MARTHA.

3. A Lieutenant HEIN [viii] of the Czechoslovakian Army has presented himself at the METRO [ix]. He [1 group unidentified] that in October 1939, when he was in an internment camp near KAMENETs-PODOL'SKI[x], he was recruited by somebody for special work [SPETsRABOTA][xi]. His covername is BAUER [BAUER] and he has been instructured to [B% look for][KULYsRSKIJ][xii]. BAUER is now in the Czechoslovakian camp near MALPAS [xiii]. The total number of Czechoslovakian troops in Britain is about 4,000 other ranks and up to 700 officers. He himself is on the reserve for the time being. In France there was only one Czechoslovakian division. He has confirmed that up to 600 Czechs have been removed from the camp and sent somewhere or other because of their left-wing views. Czechoslovakia [sic] has no weapons. Send instructions at once.

BARCh [xiv]

Notes: [a] Or "not yet found any people". The first interpretation seems more likely, however.
 [b] Possibly means "War Office Finance Department".
 [c] The form of the RUssian verb indicates repeated action.
 [d] Inserted by translator.
Comments: [i] INTELLIGENTSIA: See also LONDON's Nos. 812 of 25th July 1940, 987 of 6th September 1940, 1099 of 2nd October 1940, 1149 of 11th October 1940 and 1165 of 15th October 1940.
 [ii] ...
 [iii] X GROUP: Not identified. See also MOSCOW's No. 450 of 7th September 1940, and LONDON's No. 812 of 25th July 1940, 897 of 6th September 1940, 1071 of 26th September 1940, 1099 of 2nd October 1940 and 1188 of 18th October 1940.
 [iv] MARTHA ... (with aliases), secretary of André LABARTHE and wife of Stanislas SEYMONCZYK (with aliases); was mistress of Pierr COT, French Minister for Air 1933-1937. See also LONDON's Nos. 776 of 17th July 1940 (3/NBF/T1472), 807 of 24th July 1940 and 987 of 6th September 1940.
 [v] MARY: Unidentified covername. See also MOSCOW's No. 482 of 21st September 1940, and LONDON's Nos. 755 of 11th July 1940 (3/NBF/T1455), 807 of 24th July 1940 and 875 of 13th August 1940.
 [vi] DICK: Covername of unidentified LONDON signature and addressee between 6th July 1940 and 11th October 1940.
 [vii] MARK: Unidentified covername. See also LONDON's Nos. 776 of 17th July 1940 (3/NBF/T1472), 798 of 22nd July 1940, 895 of 16th August 1940, 998 of 11th September 1940 and 1107 of 3rd Octobrr 1940.
 [viii] HEIN: Not further identified. See also LONDON's Nos. 998 of 11th September 1940 and 1107 of 3rd October 1940, and MOSCOW's Nos. 450 of 7th September 1940 and 469 of 16th September 1940.
 [ix] METRO: the Soviet Embassy.
 [x] KAMENETs-PODOL'SK: 48°35'N 26°35'E.
 [xi] Special work: possibly synonymous with SPETsRAZVEDKA (literally "special intelligence"), which is used to mean illegal operations.
 [xii] KOLYaRSKIJ: No Russian surname of this form can be found. It is probably a transliteration of the relatively uncommon Czech surname KULARSKY (op. PRAGUE Telephone Directory, 1964).
 [xiii] MALPAS: Approximately 15 miles SSE of CHESTER.
 [xiv] BARCh: Possibly Simon Davidovich KREMER, whose official post was Secretary to the Soviet Military Attaché in LONDON. He was appointed in 1937 and is thought to have left someime in 1946. The covername BARCh appears as a LONDON addressee and signatory between 3rd March 1940 and 10th October 1940, after which it is superseded by the covername BRION

Source: United States National Security Agency
Added By: C. Peter Chen

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