US Navy Report of Japanese Raid on Pearl Harbor, Enclosure E, Commander Destroyer Flotilla One, Battle Force

19 Dec 1941

File No.

U.S.S. Raleigh, Flagship
Pearl Harbor, T.H.

Dec. 19, 1941

From: Commander Destroyer Flotilla ONE.
To: (1) Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.
Via: (2) Commander Destroyers, Battle Force.
Subject: Pearl Harbor Action on Sunday, 7 December. Report of.
Reference: (a) CINCPAC Despatch 102102 of December 1941.
(b) CDBF conf. mailgram 130143 of December 1941.

  1. At 0755 Sunday, 7 December the following ships of Destroyer Flotilla ONE were present in Pearl Harbor, T.H. at the indicated berths:
    1.Dewey-Alongside Dobbin X-2
    2.Hull-   "
    3.MacDonough-   "
    4.Phelps-   "
    5.Worden-   "
    6.Case-Alongside Whitney X-8
    7.Tucker-   "
    8.Conyngham-   "
    9.Reid-   "
    11.Dale-   "
    12.Farragut-   "
    13.Monaghan-   "
    14.Downes-Drydock No. 1
    15.Cassin-   "
    16.Shaw-Floating Drydock
    17.Cummings-Navy Yard
    The remaining ships of Destroyer Flotilla ONE were not in Pearl Harbor:
     Clark-Navy Yard, Mare Island
     Desdiv TEN-Navy Yard, Mare Island
     Desdiv NINE plus Porter-Operating

  2. At 0755 Sunday, 7 December 1941 the Dobbin, temporary flagship of Commander Destroyer Flotilla ONE was moored in berth X-2. The Worden was moored directly alongside the Dobbin and to the port of her; the Hull to the port of the Worden; the Dewey, Phelps and MacDonough in order. The Dobbin was bow on to the wind heading 053 degrees true.

  3. Since the main attack was concentrated upon the battleline, the Dobbin was not attacked by a great number of planes, however, she was narrowly missed by three bombs. One of these exploded beneath her fantail killing one member of the after gun crew and fatally wounding two others. A splinter from this bomb entered the radio transmitter room putting two transmitters out of commission.

  4. At 0755 a signal was sent to Destroyers, Battle Force "ANTI-AIRCRAFT BATTERY TAKE AMMUNITION CONDITION OF READINESS ONE".
    At 0808 Commander Destroyer Flotilla ONE ordered Destroyer Division TWO to establish an off-shore patrol. The Monaghan stood out at 0835; the Aylwin at 0845; the Farragut at 0850. The Dale sortied with Division TWO but the exact time of departure was not recorded.

  5. One Japanese plane was observed to crash on the starboard side of the Baltimore.

  6. So far as is known the conduct of "all hands" was excellent throughout the action.



Source: United States National Archives, Modern Military Branch
Added By: C. Peter Chen

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