28 Dec 1941

  • USS Permit embarked Admiral Thomas Hart's staff at Mariveles Harbor at the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula, Philippine Islands for evacuation. ww2dbase [Permit | Mariveles, Bataan | CPC]
10 Jan 1942

  • Douglas MacArthur traveled from Corregidor to Bataan in the Philippine Islands, visiting forward command posts, speaking to officers but generally refusing to speak to enlisted men. When subjected to sporadic Japanese shelling when walking across a small clearing, he was observed to walk confidently without flinching. ww2dbase [Douglas MacArthur | Bataan | CPC]
16 Jan 1942

  • Japanese and Filipino-American forces both raced to capture Morong on Bataan Peninsula, Luzon, Philippine Islands. Both sides reached the town around the same time, but the Allies had detected the Japanese first. Taking the opportunity for a surprise attack, more than 20 American cavalry troops charged on their horses, dispersing Japanese troops. It was the last combat charge of horse-mounted American cavalry troops. ww2dbase [Invasion of the Philippine Islands | Morong, Bataan | CPC]
9 Feb 1942

  • Satoru Anabuki, flying a Ki-27 fighter, shot down a P-40 fighter over Bataan, Philippine Islands, his third victory. ww2dbase [Satoru Anabuki | Bataan | CPC]
12 Feb 1942

  • The 200 Japanese troops trapped in a beachhead in southern Bataan, Luzon, Philippine Islands mounted what would be their final counterattack. ww2dbase [Invasion of the Philippine Islands | Bataan | CPC]
13 Feb 1942

10 Mar 1942

  • Jonathan Wainright's car was strafed by Japanese fighters on Bataan Peninsula, Luzon, Philippine Islands in the morning as he inspected forward areas. At noon, he traveled to Corregidor as requested by Douglas MacArthur, who informed him that President Franklin Roosevelt had ordered MacArthur to depart. ww2dbase [Jonathan Wainwright | Bataan | CPC]
4 Apr 1942

  • Douglas MacArthur, now relocated to Australia per Franklin Roosevelt's orders, radioed Jonathan Wainwright, saying that "under no conditions should Bataan be surrendered; any action is preferable to capitulation". Meanwhile, at Bataan in the Philippine Islands, Japanese troops moved toward Mount Samat, threatening to take this dominant position. ww2dbase [Invasion of the Philippine Islands | Bataan | CPC]
5 Apr 1942

  • Japanese troops defeated the Philippine 21st Division at Mount Samat on the Bataan Peninsula, Philippine Islands. Inside the Allied lines, General Jonathan Wainwright doubled rations for front line troops despite being short in food in order to give the troops strength. ww2dbase [Invasion of the Philippine Islands | Bataan | CPC]
6 Apr 1942

7 Apr 1942

  • A Japanese dive bomber destroyed an ammunition truck near American field hospital No. 1 at Bataan, Philippine Islands at 1000 hours. Shortly after, Japanese aircraft returned to attack the hospital, which had large red crosses painted on the roof, killing 89 and wounding 101; a significant portion of the drug supplies were destroyed in this attack. On the front lines, Japanese assaulted positions held by US and Filipino troops of the US II Corps along the San Vicente River, penetrating the line by noon, forcing the Allies to fall back to the line at the Mamala River in the afternoon, which would also abandoned by 2100 hours for the Alangan River further to the south. ww2dbase [Invasion of the Philippine Islands | Bataan | CPC]
8 Apr 1942

  • Japanese bombers and fighters attacked US II Corps positions digging in along the Alangan River at Bataan, Philippine Islands at 1100 hours, but these positions successfully repulsed the first Japanese assault shortly after; the Japanese would return with tank support, however, overrunning the line. The US Commander of the Luzon Force ordered all munition dumps at Mariveles Habor at Bataan destroyed, and medical staff began withdrawing to Corregidor island. ww2dbase [Invasion of the Philippine Islands | Bataan | CPC]
9 Apr 1942

  • 75,000 US and Filipino troops, remainder of the US II Corps under General Edward King on the Bataan peninsula at Luzon, Philippine Islands, surrendered to the Japanese at 1230 hours; it was the largest American surrender in history. Before doing so, they destroyed fuel dumps, ammunition stores, submarine tender USS Canopus, tug USS Napa, and floating drydock USS Dewey. ww2dbase [Invasion of the Philippine Islands | Bataan | TH, CPC]
15 Feb 1945

  • Japanese Shinyo explosive motor-boats sank three American LCS(L) armoured support craft at Mariveles Harbour, Bataan, Philippine Islands. ww2dbase [Shinyo-class | Mariveles, Bataan | AC]

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