31 Mar 1942
  • The Indian Congress Party demanded immediate independence from the United Kingdom. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Unhappy with the progress of the interior ministry, Hitler reassigned the task of providing housing to those displaced by Allied bombing to propaganda chief Goebbels. ww2dbase [Joseph Goebbels | CPC]
  • German submarine U-754 sank US tug Menominee, barge Allegheny, and barge Barnegat 10 kilometers northeast of Hog Island Lighthouse, Virginia, United States at 0800 hours; 16 were killed, 9 survived. At 2222 hours, 480 miles east of Virginia, U-71 sank British tanker San Gerardo; 51 were killed, 6 survived. ww2dbase [Second Happy Time | CPC]
  • Laffey (Benson-class) was commissioned into service. ww2dbase [Laffey (Benson-class) | CPC]
  • Italian submarine Tazzoli arrived at Bordeaux, France. ww2dbase [CPC]
Australian Papua
  • Eight A-24 Banshee aircraft under US Army Captain Floyd Rogers arrived at Port Moresby, Australian Papua; it was the first US squadron to be based at Port Moresby. ww2dbase [Port Moresby | CPC]
  • The Death penalty for forging ration cards was introduced in Belgium as the food situation worsens. ww2dbase [AC]
British Western Pacific Territories Christmas Island
  • 850 Japanese troops landed on Christmas Island unopposed. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Naka supported the landing on Christmas Island as the invasion force's flagship; submarine USS Seawolf attempted a torpedo attack on Naka at 0949 hours but failed to score hits. ww2dbase [Naka | CPC]
Dutch East Indies Panama Canal Zone
  • USS S-31 completed her first war patrol off the Panama Canal Zone. ww2dbase [S-31 | CPC]
  • Surviving ships of Allied convoy PQ-13 began to arrive at Murmansk, Russia after several attacks by German destroyers, submarines, and aircraft. ww2dbase [Arctic Convoys | Murmansk | CPC]
  • Ten Norwegian freighters and tankers, interned by the Swedish at Gothenburg, attempted to break out for Britain. Two of them, transport Lind and tanker B. P. Newton, would make the escape. Six of the remaining eight ships were sunk by mines, German aircraft, and German warships, while the final two were forced to return to Gothenburg. ww2dbase [Gothenburg | CPC]
United States Photo(s) dated 31 Mar 1942
British prisoners of war, Saint-Nazaire, France, late Mar 1942British prisoners of war, Saint-Nazaire, France, late Mar 1942British prisoners of war, Saint-Nazaire, France, late Mar 1942British prisoners of war, Saint-Nazaire, France, late Mar 1942
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31 Mar 1942 Interactive Map

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