24 Aug 1945
  • Shizuichi Tanaka committed suicide by firing a pistol into his heart. ww2dbase [Shizuichi Tanaka | CPC]
  • Japan agreed that the first Allied troops on the homeland would be paratroopers. ww2dbase [Japan's Surrender | AC]
  • USS Segundo was ordered to sail for Tokyo Bay, Japan. ww2dbase [Segundo | CPC]
  • USS Bailey departed Okinawa bound for Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines. ww2dbase [Bailey | DS]
  • Under Soviet pressure, Chiang Kaishek announced that he would recognize the Outer Mongolia region as an independent country if the Mongolian people voted to secede from China. ww2dbase [Chiang Kaishek | Chongqing | CPC]
  • Choibalsan spoke at a victory celebration in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Area, China after Chiang Kaishek of the Republic of China announced that China would allow a referendum for Outer Mongolia to secede if that was the people's wish. Not satisfied with Outer Mongolia, Choibalsan declared that all Mongol lands, ie. both Outer and Inner Mongolia, would one day be unified. ww2dbase [Choibalsan | Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | CPC]
Dutch East Indies
  • The Anglo-Dutch Civil Affairs Agreement, generally agreed in 1944, was formally signed into effect. It called for the island of Sumatra to be turned over to the Netherlands Indies Civil Administration. ww2dbase [Sumatra | CPC]
Hawaii Taiwan
  • The Kukutsu Prisoners of War Camp in northern Taiwan was closed. ww2dbase [CPC]
United States
  • The city of Cleveland, Ohio, United States honored Bob Feller with a parade; hours later, he played in his first professional post-WW2 baseball game. ww2dbase [Robert Feller | Cleveland, Ohio | CPC]
  • During a press conference in Washingon DC, United States, Charles de Gaulle declared that "France means to recover its sovereignty over Indochina" despite Emperor Bao Dai's warning of Vietnamese anti-French fervor. ww2dbase [Charles de Gaulle | Washington | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 24 Aug 1945
Chiang Kaishek ratifying the United Nations Charter, 24 Aug 1945HMS Formidable and HMS Implacable entering Sydney harbor, Australia, 24 Aug 1945A6M Zero fighters on an airfield near Tokyo, Japan, late Aug 1945

24 Aug 1945 Interactive Map

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