Lockheed Constellation aircraft in flight, 1945-1975

Caption   Lockheed Constellation aircraft in flight, 1945-1975 ww2dbase
Source    ww2dbaseNew Jersey Division of Archives and Record Management, United States
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Added Date 11 Feb 2011

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
29 Mar 2015 05:52:54 PM


Note the lettering on upper fuselage, Lockheed Constellation and registration number NC91207 on starboard wing this was a publicity photograph
taken prior to delivery (TWA) Trans World Airways
10 June 1948, with first scheduled service on
11 June 1948. Aircraft is in natural aluminum w/
red letters and trim.
She had Beauty, Style and was in a Class by her self a true aviation legion. Today there are fifty (50) airworthy Constellations operating
world-wide while others are in the process of restoration in museums or have been grounded as a source for spare-parts. In Third-World Countries local mechanics have become masters in rebuilding engines and keeping the "Connie" flying.


Lap of flying luxury during the late 1940s, 1950s
and early 1960s. Jets were replacing the propeller
driven airliners while most were sold off to non-scheduled operators, both domestic and foreign or used as trade in's to buy the newer Boeing 707s, Douglas DC 8s and Convair 880/990s.


To make her faster,fly higher,with longer range, larger and to provide more comfort. The ultimate L-1049H was the "Super Constellation" lengthened fuselage, more powerful power plants along with those now distinctive wing tip fuel tanks.


During the late 1950s early 1960, my late father would take my brother and I to tour Los Angeles International Airport the high light of the day trip was being able to park along Aviation Blvd and watch the propeller and jet aircraft land among them was the Lockheed Constellation we would wave and the people would wave back...you can't even park along Aviation Blvd today times have changed.

I thank the editor/ww2db for allowing me to leave this comment.
2. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
30 Mar 2015 03:03:13 PM


Did you in 1937 Howard Hughes along with Lockheed
Aircraft, conceived the four-engine Constellation long-range trans Atlantic passenger aircraft with a speed of over 300mph. During World War II the USAAF took over Constellation and were called the C-69. Later during the Cold War the Military version of the Constellation were called C-121s
aircraft were modified for (AEW) Airborne Early Warning for the USAF and Warning Star for the US NAVY as R7V-1s. They were also operated as transports last USAF C-121 retired in 1977 and last Navy R7V-1 retired in 1982...


Howard Hughes: 1905-1976 Aviator, Entrepreneur
Industrialist and Owner of TWA.

Juan Trippe: 1899-1981 American airline pioneer and founder of PAM AM

After the war Constellations were once again being
built for commercial airline service However, Howard Hughes wanted TWA to be the first that operated the Constellation in airline service. However, Hughes and TWA were operating with limited routes, while PAN AM wanted a monopoly as a US Flag carrier alone.


In 1947 Hughes faced Senate Hearings over his wartime operations and use of U.S. Government contracts, but the real reason was protecting PAN AM and Juan Trippe, led by Senator Ralph Brewster to continue to have a monopoly. Howard Hughes and
TWA eventually captured overseas routes and became
a dominate player in overseas travel.


At the end of World War II, Lockheed bought back
from the USAAF all C-69 Constellation transports
and converted them back to commercial airliners
TWA bought (33) and PAN AM bought (22) flying
international routes. The rest of the aircraft were sold to foreign carriers.
Later Hughes bought (40) new Constellations on the production line for TWA use alone, while PAN AM was flying older model L-1049s TWA was flying newer production aircraft. The battle between TWA and PAN AM would continue for decades.


TWA: the airline operated from 1925 to 2001 a/c and equipment sold off to other airlines.

PAN AM: Operated from 1927 to 1991 like TWA all its aircraft and equipment were sold off.


HOWARD HUGHES: Career from the 1920s through the late 1940s. Movie Producer, Development of the H-1 Racer, H-4 Hercules, TWA and Post-War XF-11 Photo-Recon Aircraft.


Once again I thank the editor/ww2db for allowing me to share my knowledge of WWII and Aviation.

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