Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, date unknown

Caption   Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, date unknown ww2dbase
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Added By C. Peter Chen
Added Date 24 Mar 2011

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1. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
21 May 2015 08:03:34 PM

THE ODD COUPLE: I WILL FLLOW HIM... Eva Braun February 12, 1912 - April 30, 1945 she worked as a photographer, sales clerk, lab assistant later became the Fuhrer's girl, mistress and wife. SLEEPER ROLE: Did you know that the German people were unaware of Hitler's relationship with Eva Braun until after the end of WWII. Hitler felt that such a public relationship would decrease his appeal to the German people, Braun was always kept in the background. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART: Double suicide with Adolf Hitler, death by cyanide Fuhrerbunker, Berlin April 30, 1945. Their burnt remains were later found by Red Army. Stalin's SMERCH Agents guarded the remains and answered only to Stalin. They moved the bodies around over the decades remains were kept under great secrecy, and it wasn't until SMERCH'S successor the KGB under orders disposed of the remains. April 4, 1970 remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were set alight, and later thrown into the Biederitz river, East Germany Like the ending of a Wagnerian Opera, ended one of the last chapters of WWII. What other secrets does WWII hold for history Adolf Hitler and the terror of his National Socialist Germany has and will continue to remain with mankind for Centuries... I thank the editor/ww2db for allowing me to continue to leave my knowledge of WWII
2. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
8 Jun 2015 09:13:02 PM

LIGHT MY FIRE: Like an ending to Wagnerian Opera 180 liters of petrol were available to burn the bodies of Hitler and Braun. Later their remains were discovered by the Soviets and held under great secrecy by agents of SMERCH who answered only to Stalin they kept the remains until it became the KGB who later destroyed all traces of Adolf Hitler in April 1970 in East Germany... ONCE UPON A TIME: Adolf Hitler was the most powerful man in the world and held control of life and death over millions. Before wars end, Hitler's health was failing and he took many different types of drugs. DAILY FIX: Hitler took many different drugs, among them were Benzedrine, cocaine-laced eye drops and other drugs to get him through the day and barbiturates to help him sleep. The film HITLER: The Last Ten Days may have taken liberties with history but more often it was done for dramatic effect. There will always be those who have a different view of any film...

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