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2 Jun 2008
Contributor: C. Peter Chen

There are several WW2-themed movies slated for release in the coming year or two.

The movie Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise is a Bryan Singer film about Claus von Stauffenberg's attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The story of the July Plot is full of intrigue; I, for one, am very excited about this upcoming film despite some criticism about the selection of Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg. Valkyrie is slated for a 13 Feb 2009 release.

Quentin Tarantino is also getting into the WW2 playing field with the film tentatively named Inglorious Bastards. It is a homage to the Enzo G. Castellari film of 1977 by the same name about a group of American soldiers on a suicide mission deep in German-occupied France. The movie will likely see a 2009 or 2010 release.
Wikipedia info on Inglorious Bastards

Hollywood heavyweight George Lucas hired John Ridley in 2007 to write the script for his WW2 movie Red Tails. The movie is to be about the African-American pilots of the WW2-era US Army, the famed Tuskegee Airmen. Originally not much more than a public relations plot, these African-American fighter pilots turned out to be very highly skilled, many of them returning home with impressive records. This movie is likely to see some impressive special effects much like other Lucas films. I can't seem to find a release date for this movie, but it is likely to be in 2009 or 2010.

As previously noted, Defiance is an Edward Zwick (Glory, Last Samurai, Blood Diamond) film set around three Jewish brothers who joined an underground resistance movement against the German occupiers. They organized a group that eventually reached 1,200 in size and hid in a village deep in the woods. This movie is scheduled to hit the theaters in the United States on 19 Dec 2008.
IMDB info on Defiance

With mini-series The Pacific on horizon for 2009, the upcoming year or two is looking to be rather entertaining on screens large and small for WW2 history enthusiasts!

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Anonymous says:
30 Aug 2008 02:54:25 AM

Defiance looks interesting. Daniel Craig has been cast as well ! May it explode the myth that the Jews "didn't fight" and were "herded" off.
2. Anonymous says:
13 Nov 2008 03:40:43 AM

i want to see another amazing ww2 movie like saving private ryan....wish steven spielberg would make another movie like that.....cant wait fer the rest of the ww2 movies to come out!!!
3. sean m. says:
14 Dec 2008 09:59:14 AM

it seems over the last decade the best movies to come out are ww2 movies to name a few(Saving Private Ryan,Flags Of Our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima,The Black Book, Uprising,The Pianist,Captain Corelli's Mandoline,Days Of Glory, Hart's War, Enemy At The Gates, Downfall,U571,In Enemy Hands,Enigma,Tae Guk G.I.,When Trumpets Fade,The Great Raid, Pearl Harbor and Band Of Brothers). They should keep it going. There were enough battles and stories to come out of ww2 leading up to during and after to keep us entertained and keep Hollywood busy for a long time. WW2 never seems to get old. Real Heroics,Bravery,and the common man uniting to rid the world of tyranny never runs boring.
4. tman says:
25 Mar 2009 06:20:58 PM

i think band of brothers was a great show and they should make a movie based on the game brothers in arms. i would go and see that
5. Anonymous says:
2 Jul 2009 12:56:01 PM

I want some heavy *** like "no true glory battle for fallujah" from iraq. Does anyone know when the movie come out ? I have waited so long. (

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