NameClassCountryYear of Launch
H  H-class Battleship  Germany    
H (Planned)  No Classification  Germany    
H (Planned)  No Classification  Germany    
Ha-101  Type SS-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
Ha-102  Type SS-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
Ha-104  Type SS-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
Ha-19  Type A-class Midget Submarine  Japan    
Hackleback  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Haddo  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Haddock  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Haguro  Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser  Japan  1928  
Haichen  Hairong-class Protected Cruiser  China    
Haichou  Hairong-class Protected Cruiser  China  1897  
Haiqi  Haitien-class Protected Cruiser  China    
Hairong  Hairong-class Protected Cruiser  China  1897  
Hake  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Hakusan Maru  No Classification  Japan  1918  
Halibut  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Hamakaze  Kagero-class Destroyer  Japan    
Hamilton  Wickes-class Destroyer  United States  1919  
Hammann  Sims-class Destroyer  United States  1939  
Hammerhead  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Hancock  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1944  
Hans Albrecht Wedel  Hans Albrecht Wedel-class Seaplane Tender  Germany  1940  
Harder  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Hardhead  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Haruna  Kongo-class Battleship  Japan  1913  
Hatsuzakura  Tachibana-class Destroyer  Japan    
Havelland  Dithmarschen-class Auxiliary  Germany    
Hawkbill  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Hela  Hela-class Tender  Germany  1938  
Helena (Baltimore-class)  Baltimore-class Heavy Cruiser  United States    
Helena (St. Louis-class)  St. Louis-class Light Cruiser  United States  1939  
Helm  Bagley-class Destroyer  United States  1937  
Henley  Bagley-class Destroyer  United States  1937  
Herbert Norkus  Gorch Fock-class Barque  Germany  1939  
Hermann Köhl  Hans Albrecht Wedel-class Seaplane Tender  Germany    
Hermes  Hermes-class Light Carrier  United Kingdom  1919  
Herring  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Hiei  Kongo-class Battleship  Japan  1912  
Hikawa Maru  No Classification  Japan  1929  
Hiryu  Soryu-class Aircraft Carrier  Japan  1937  
Hiyo  Hiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1941  
Hobart  Leander-class Light Cruiser  Australia    
Hobbs Victory  Victory-class Merchant Vessel  United States  1945  
Hoe  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Hoel  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Holland  Holland-class Submarine Tender  United States  1926  
Honolulu  Brooklyn-class Light Cruiser  United States    
Hood  Admiral-class Battlecruiser  United Kingdom  1918  
Hornet (Essex-class)  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1943  
Hornet (Yorktown-class)  Yorktown-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1940  
Horst Wessel  Gorch Fock-class Barque  Germany  1936  
Hosho  Hosho-class Light Carrier  Japan  1921  
Houston  Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser  United States  1929  
Howe  King George V (1939)-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1940  
Hulbert  Clemson-class Destroyer  United States  1919  
Hull  Farragut-class Destroyer  United States  1934  
Hyuga  Ise-class Battleship  Japan  1917  

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