NameClassCountryYear of Launch
I-14  Type AM-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
I-369  Type D1-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
I-400  I-400-class Submarine  Japan    
I-401  I-400-class Submarine  Japan    
I-402  I-400-class Submarine  Japan    
I-52  C3-class Submarine  Japan    
I-53  C3-class Submarine  Japan    
I-58  Type B3-class Submarine  Japan  1943  
I-58/I-158  Kaidai-class Submarine  Japan  1925  
I-68/I-168  Kaidai-class Submarine  Japan  1933  
Ibuki  Ibuki-class Light Carrier  Japan  1943  
Icefish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Ikazuchi  Akatsuki-class Destroyer  Japan  1932  
Illinois  Iowa-class Battleship  United States    
Illustrious  Illustrious-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1939  
Ilmarinen  Väinämöinen-class Coastal Defense Ship  Finland  1931  
Iltis  1924-class Motor Torpedo Boat  Germany  1927  
Impero  Vittorio Veneto-class Battleship  Italy  1939  
Independence  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1942  
Indiana  South Dakota-class Battleship  United States  1941  
Indianapolis  Portland-class Heavy Cruiser  United States  1931  
Indomitable  Illustrious-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom  1940  
Intrepid  Essex-class Aircraft Carrier  United States  1943  
Iowa  Iowa-class Battleship  United States  1942  
Irako  No Classification  Japan  1941  
Iride  Perla-class Submarine  Italy  1936  
Irwin  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Isaac Sweers  Gerard Callenburgh-class Destroyer  Netherlands  1940  
Ise  Ise-class Battleship  Japan  1916  
Isherwood  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Isuzu  Nagara-class Light Cruiser  Japan  1921  
Itsukushima  No Classification  Japan  1929  
Iwate  Izumo-class Armored Cruiser  Japan  1900  
Izumo  Izumo-class Armored Cruiser  Japan  1898  

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