NameClassCountryYear of Launch
P (Planned)  M-class Light Cruiser  Germany  1945 (Projected, not actual)  
P (Planned)  M-class Light Cruiser  Germany  1943 (Projected, not actual)  
P (Planned)  O-class Battlecruiser  Germany  1941 (Projected, not actual)  
P1 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1943 (Projected, not actual)  
P10 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1944 (Projected, not actual)  
P11 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1944 (Projected, not actual)  
P12 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1945 (Projected, not actual)  
P2 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1942 (Projected, not actual)  
P2 (Planned)  M2-class Light Cruiser  Germany  1947 (Projected, not actual)  
P3 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1944 (Projected, not actual)  
P4 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1942 (Projected, not actual)  
P5 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1943 (Projected, not actual)  
P6 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1945 (Projected, not actual)  
P7 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1945 (Projected, not actual)  
P8 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1945 (Projected, not actual)  
P9 (Planned)  P-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1944 (Projected, not actual)  
Paddle  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Pampanito  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Panay  No Classification  United States    
Papanikolis  Katsonis-class Submarine  Greece    
Parche  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Pargo  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Parizhskava Kommuna  Gangut-class Battleship  Russia  1911  
Pasadena  Cleveland-class Light Cruiser  United States  1943  
Pennsylvania  Pennsylvania-class Battleship  United States  1915  
Pensacola  Pensacola-class Heavy Cruiser  United States  1929  
Perch (Balao-class)  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Perch (Porpoise-class)  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Permit  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Perth  Leander-class Light Cruiser  Australia  1934  
Peto  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Petrof Bay  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1944  
Philip  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Phoenix  Brooklyn-class Light Cruiser  United States  1938  
Pickerel  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Picking  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Picuda  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Pike  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Pilotfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Pinghai  Ninghai-class Light Cruiser  China  1935  
Pinguin  No Classification  Germany  1936  
Pintado  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Pipefish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Piper  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Piranha  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Plaice  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Plunger  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Pogy  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Pola  Zara-class Heavy Cruiser  Italy    
Pollack  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Pomfret  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Pomodon  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Pompano  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Pompon  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Porpoise  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Porter  Porter-class Destroyer  United States  1935  
Portland  Portland-class Heavy Cruiser  United States  1932  
Preston (Fletcher-class)  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Preston (Mahan-class)  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1936  
Prichett  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Primauguet  Duguay-Trouin-class Light Cruiser  France  1924  
Prince of Wales  King George V (1939)-class Battleship  United Kingdom    
Princeton  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1942  
Pringle  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Prinz Eugen  Admiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser  Germany  1938  
Proteus  Fulton-class Submarine Tender  United States  1942  
Provana  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Provence  Bretagne-class Battleship  France  1913  
PT-class Summary Information  PT-class Motor Torpedo Boat  United States    
Puffer  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  

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