NameClassCountryYear of Launch
C (Planned)  Graf Zeppelin-class Aircraft Carrier  Germany  1945 (Projected, not actual)  
C (Planned)  No Classification  Germany    
Cabezon  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Cabot  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
Cabrilla  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Cachalot (Cachalot-class)  Cachalot-class Submarine  United States  1933  
Cachalot (Grampus-class)  Grampus-class Minelaying Submarine  United Kingdom  1937  
Caiman  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
California  Tennessee-class Battleship  United States    
Camicia Nera  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1937  
Canberra (Baltimore-class)  Baltimore-class Heavy Cruiser  United States  1943  
Canberra (County-class)  County-class Heavy Cruiser  Australia    
Canfield  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1943  
Capelin  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Capitaine  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Carabiniere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Carbonero  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Card  Bogue-class Escort Carrier  United States  1942  
Carl Peters  Carl Peters-class Tender  Germany  1939  
Carl Zeiss  No Classification  Germany  1938  
Carp  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Casabianca  Redoubtable-class Submarine  France  1935  
Casablanca  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Cassin Young  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Cavalla  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Centurion  King George V (1911)-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1911  
Cero  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Chariot-class Summary Information  Chariot-class Midget Submarine  United Kingdom    
Charles J. Badger  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Charr  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Chester  Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser  United States  1929  
Chicago  Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser  United States  1930  
Chikuma  Tone-class Heavy Cruiser  Japan  1938  
Chitose  Chitose-class Light Carrier  Japan  1936  
Chiyoda  Chitose-class Light Carrier  Japan  1936  
Chokai  Takao-class Heavy Cruiser  Japan  1931  
Chub  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Chuyo  Taiyo-class Escort Carrier  Japan  1939  
Cisco  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Cobia  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Cochino  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Cod  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Colbert  Suffren-class Heavy Cruiser  France  1928  
Colorado  Colorado-class Battleship  United States  1921  
Colossus  Colossus-class Light Carrier  United Kingdom  1943  
Columbia  Cleveland-class Light Cruiser  United States  1941  
Concord  Omaha-class Light Cruiser  United States  1921  
Console Generale Liuzzi  Liuzzi-class Submarine  Italy  1939  
Conte di Cavour  Conte di Cavour-class Battleship  Italy  1911  
Copahee  Bogue-class Escort Carrier  United States  1941  
Corazziere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Cornwall  County-class Heavy Cruiser  United Kingdom  1926  
Coronel  No Classification  Germany  1938  
Corregidor  Casablanca-class Escort Carrier  United States  1943  
Corsaro  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Corvina  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Cossack  Tribal-class Destroyer  United Kingdom  1937  
Cotten  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Courageous  Courageous-class Aircraft Carrier  United Kingdom    
Cowpens  Independence-class Light Carrier  United States  1943  
Craven  Gridley-class Destroyer  United States  1937  
Crevalle  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Croaker  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Cumberland  County-class Heavy Cruiser  United Kingdom  1926  
Cummings  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1935  
Cuttlefish  Cachalot-class Submarine  United States  1933  

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