Battle of Surigao Strait
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About the Author

Anthony P. Tully is a naval historian and researcher. With Jonathan Parshall, he co-author the bestselling and authoritative Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway. Together with Jonathan Parshall and David Dickson, his partners, Tony identified underwater remains of the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga in 2000, and the findings were first aired in a Discovery Channel special "The Search for the Japanese Fleet" in December 2000. In addition, he has served a fact-checker and historical consultant on the "Battle 360" History Channel series. He served as historical consultant in ongoing diving expeditions surveying the Surigao Strait battlefield. He is a member of and has written articles for the International Naval Research Organization (aka "Warship International"), and the United States Naval Institute. Other research activities include Roman and Byzantine History, Theological Studies, Volcanism, and the Medieval Period. Some writing projects and interests include Science-Fiction, Philosophy, and Psychology. He runs the Tully's Port forum on naval matters.