Battle of Surigao Strait
The Latest book from naval historian Anthony P. Tully


"Following his collaboration on Shattered Sword, Anthony Tully establishes himself as a solo author with this exhaustive study of the October 1944 battle of Surigao Strait. His unexcelled mastery of the subject features extensive detail wrapped in lucid treatment that does justice to both sides. No finer chronicler could be found for the last battleship engagement in history."

Barrett Tillman
Author of Clash of the Carriers: The True Story of the Marianas Turkey Shoot

"Reference to sources previously unexplored in the West puts that chapter of the great series of battles known collectively as the Battle of Leyte Gulf in a new light. Tully has examined the battle from the Japanese side with newly translated documents and challenges what has been depicted as a sort of 'Charge of the Light Brigade.' A must read for students of the Leyte Gulf fight."

W.D. Dickson
Author of Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 1944

"Aims to sort out the discrepancies that have crept in over time to standard accounts of the battle... a confused and complex night action. Of special interest is Tully's exploitation of fresh source materials."

Malcolm Muir, Jr.
Author of Black Shoes and Blue Water

"If the vibrant international community of experts who study the Pacific War and discuss and debate it online can be seen as a mafia, then Anthony Tully is its consigliere. Whenever a question arises about the battle history of World War II in the Pacific-what really happened after the fleets collided, dive-bombers entered their dives, and shot met plate—he is the indispensable man. In this book he paints Admiral Nishimura's high-speed run into history with an entirely fresh palette of detail, from the command decisions to the after-action reports. It offers naval history buffs something fresh and easy to relish on almost every page"

James D. Hornfischer
Author of Ship of Ghosts
and The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors