P-80 Shooting Star

CountryUnited States
ManufacturerLockheed Corporation
Primary RoleJet Fighter
Maiden Flight8 January 1944


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P-80 Shooting Star Timeline

18 Jun 1943 Aircraft designer Clarence Johnson met with Lockheed President Robert Gross and chief engineer Hal Hibbard at the company's headquarters in Burbank, California, United States. Johnson informed the two that US Army Air Force representatives from Wright Field had requested Lockheed to design a jet fighter.
20 Jul 1943 Lockheed and USAAF began a three day evaluation of a full scale mock up of a XP-80 jet fighter.
22 Jul 1943 Lockheed and USAAF completed a three day evaluation of a full scale mock up of a XP-80 jet fighter.
8 Jan 1944 The first XP-80A prototype jet aircraft "Gray Ghost" took its first flight with test pilot Milo Burcham in the cockpit.
1 Aug 1944 The second XP-80A prototype jet aircraft "Silver Ghost" took its first flight.
13 Sep 1944 YP-80A jet aircraft took its first flight; the flight lasted about 45 minutes.
20 Oct 1944 Test pilot Milo Burcham was killed when the YP-80A jet aircraft he piloted crashed shortly after takeoff in Burbank, California, United States.
13 Nov 1944 Colonel George E. Price received the go-ahead for Project Extraversion, which called for four YP-80A jet aircraft to move to the front lines of the European Theater of Operations for combat testing.
6 Dec 1944 F-14A jet reconnaissance aircraft took its first flight with Lockheed test pilot Perry E. Claypool, Jr. in the cockpit.
30 Dec 1944 Two YP-80A jet fighters arrived in Burtonwood, England, United Kingdom.
31 Dec 1944 Lockheed delivered 13 YP-80A jet aircraft to the USAAF.
28 Jan 1945 USAAF pilot Major Fredrick Austin Borsodi was killed when the tail of his YP-80A jet fighter disintegrated, causing the aircraft to crash. It was due to the failure of exhaust pipes in the tail section of the aircraft.
20 Mar 1945 The first XP-80A prototype jet aircraft "Gray Ghost" crashed; test pilot LeVier was able to bail out to safety.
14 Nov 1945 A YP-80A jet aircraft crashed during landing during a test flight in Britain.
28 Jun 1950 RF-80A jet aircraft conducted its first combat reconnaissance mission over Korea with 1st Lieutenant Bryce Poe II in the cockpit.

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