World War II Documents

Carrier Aircraft Specifications0000-00-00
Collection of Statistics on Battle of Britain0000-00-00
Collection of Statistics on Japanese Aircraft Carriers0000-00-00
Collection of Statistics on the Tokko 'Kamikaze' Campaign0000-00-00
Collection of Statistics on UK Aircraft Carriers0000-00-00
Collection of Statistics on US Aircraft Carriers0000-00-00
Collection of Statistics on World War II Aircraft Carriers0000-00-00
Emmons Report on Battle of Midway0000-00-00
Escort Carrier Class Specifications0000-00-00
FĂĽhrer Directives and FĂĽhrer Orders0000-00-00
US Aircraft Production Statistics, Jul 1940-Aug 19450000-00-00
Treaty of Rapallo16 Apr 19221922-04-16
Treaty of Berlin24 Apr 19261926-04-24
The Geneva Convention27 Jul 19291929-07-27
Japan-Manchukuo Protocol15 Sep 19321932-09-15
Reichskonkordat20 Jul 19331933-07-20
Anti-Comintern Pact25 Nov 19361936-11-25
Hossbach Memorandum10 Nov 19371937-11-10
The Munich Pact29 Sep 19381938-09-29
Heydrich's Instructions for Measures Against Jews (Kristallnacht)10 Nov 19381938-11-10
Statement by Cordell Hull on Albania8 Apr 19391939-04-08
The Pact of Steel22 May 19391939-05-22
Letter from Albert Einstein to Franklin Roosevelt2 Aug 19391939-08-02
Roosevelt's Radio Address on the Outbreak of the European War3 Sep 19391939-09-03
The British War Bluebook5 Sep 19391939-09-05
German-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Demarcation28 Sep 19391939-09-28
Message from Adolf Hitler to Erich Raeder1 Nov 19391939-11-01
Minutes of Meeting Between Adolf Hitler, Erich Raeder, and Wilhelm Keitel8 Dec 19391939-12-08
Minutes of Meeting Between Adolf Hitler, Erich Raeder, and Wilhelm Keitel12 Dec 19391939-12-12
Appeal of June 1818 Jun 19401940-06-18
Minutes of Meeting Between Adolf Hitler and Erich Raeder20 Jun 19401940-06-20
Franco-German Armistice22 Jun 19401940-06-22
German OKW Directive on War against United Kingdom7 Jul 19401940-07-07
Message from Erich Raeder to Adolf Hitler11 Jul 19401940-07-11
German OKW Directive on Operation Sea Lion1 Aug 19401940-08-01
Otto Schniewind Report on Operation Sea Lion13 Aug 19401940-08-13
Churchill's Speech 'The Few' to the House of Commons20 Aug 19401940-08-20
Destroyers for Bases Agreement2 Sep 19401940-09-02
US Department of State Press Release on Indochina Situation23 Sep 19401940-09-23
Dowding's Farewell Message to RAF Fighter Command24 Nov 19401940-11-24
Matsuoka's Opening Address at Franco-Thai Mediation7 Feb 19411941-02-07
Franco-Thai Border Mediation Terms11 Mar 19411941-03-11
Message from Churchill to Matsuoka1 Apr 19411941-04-01
Presidential Executive Order Number 8802 Prohibiting Discrimination in the Defense Industry25 Jun 19411941-06-25
Agreement Between the United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics12 Jul 19411941-07-12
Sumner Welles' Statement on Franco-Japanese Collaboration24 Jul 19411941-07-24
Franco-Japanese Military Cooperation Agreement29 Jul 19411941-07-29
Agreement Between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Poland30 Jul 19411941-07-30
Japanese Board of Information Statement on Indochina1 Aug 19411941-08-01
Nomura's Proposal for the United States on Indochina and Oil Embargo Situation6 Aug 19411941-08-06
Atlantic Conference9 Aug 19411941-08-09
PĂ©tain's Address to the French People12 Aug 19411941-08-12
Chiang Kaishek's Mukden Incident Anniversary Speech18 Sep 19411941-09-18
Message from Hull to Nomura26 Nov 19411941-11-26
Message from Roosevelt to Emperor Showa6 Dec 19411941-12-06
Fourteen Part Message from Japan to the United States and Hull's Response7 Dec 19411941-12-07
German Declaration of War on the United States11 Dec 19411941-12-11
US Declarations of a State of War with Japan, Germany, and Italy15 Dec 19411941-12-15
Declaration by the United Nations1 Jan 19421942-01-01
German Submarine Provisions1 Jan 19421942-01-01
Letter from Franklin Roosevelt to Kenesaw Landis15 Jan 19421942-01-15
US Navy Report of Japanese Raid on Pearl Harbor15 Feb 19421942-02-15
Presidential Executive Order Number 9066 Authorizing the Internment of Japanese-Americans19 Feb 19421942-02-19
Anglo-American Mutual Aid Agreement28 Feb 19421942-02-28
Emmon's Memorandum to McCloy Regarding Japanese-Hawaiians29 Apr 19421942-04-29
The Muster Roll of USS Luce4 May 19421942-05-04
Message from Chiang Kaishek to Franklin Roosevelt16 Nov 19421942-11-16
Letters between Alleta Sullivan and Franklin Roosevelt13 Jan 19431943-01-13
Casablanca Conference Announcement12 Feb 19431943-02-12
Message from Marshall and King to Returning Personnel15 May 19431943-05-15
This is Ann: she's dying to meet you13 Jul 19431943-07-13
So you are going to the South Pacific1 Aug 19431943-08-01
Armistice with Italy3 Sep 19431943-09-03
Greater East Asia Conference5 Nov 19431943-11-05
Cairo Conference Agreement1 Dec 19431943-12-01
Report to the Secretary on the Acquiescence of this Government in the Murder of the Jews13 Jan 19441944-01-13
US Department of Treasury Policy on Axis Looted Gold22 Feb 19441944-02-22
Guide to Calcutta1 May 19441944-05-01
The Patton Speech5 Jun 19441944-06-05
Agreement on Principles Having Reference to the Continuance of Coordinated Control of Merchant Shipping5 Aug 19441944-08-05
Armistice Agreement with Rumania12 Sep 19441944-09-12
Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49: Korean Comfort Women1 Oct 19441944-10-01
Armistice Agreement with Bulgaria28 Oct 19441944-10-28
Menu from A. Firpo Ltd. of Calcutta9 Nov 19441944-11-09
US Congress Act to Establish Permanent 5-Star Ranks in the US Army and US Navy14 Dec 19441944-12-14
Hints on Diet During Recuperative Leave for Liberated Prisoners of War1 Jan 19451945-01-01
Allied Control Commission in Hungary20 Jan 19451945-01-20
Armistice Agreement with Hungary20 Jan 19451945-01-20
Agreement Relating to POWs and Civilians Liberated by Russians and Americans11 Feb 19451945-02-11
Yalta Agreement11 Feb 19451945-02-11
Telegram from Göring to Hitler23 Apr 19451945-04-23
Donovan's Memorandum to Truman Regarding Virginia Hall12 May 19451945-05-12
Declaration Regarding the Defeat of Germany and the Assumption of Supreme Authority by Allied Powers5 Jun 19451945-06-05
Agreement for the Provisional Administration of Venezia Giulia9 Jun 19451945-06-09
Agreement on Control Machinery in Austria4 Jul 19451945-07-04
Szilárd Petition17 Jul 19451945-07-17
Potsdam Conference26 Jul 19451945-07-26
US Under Secretary of War Robert Patterson's Letter to Employees of Clinton Engineer Works6 Aug 19451945-08-06
Messages between Cavert and Truman9 Aug 19451945-08-09
Chiang Kaishek's Radio Address on the Treatment of Defeated Japan15 Aug 19451945-08-15
Documents Relating to the Japanese Surrender17 Aug 19451945-08-17
Press Release on SACO in China During World War II13 Sep 19451945-09-13
Interrogations of Japanese Officials6 Oct 19451945-10-06
Directive from US Joint Chiefs of Staff to Eisenhower Regarding the Military Occupation of Germany17 Oct 19451945-10-17
Message from George Patton to US 5th Infantry Division17 Nov 19451945-11-17
Imperial Rescript Renouncing Divinity1 Jan 19461946-01-01
Interrogation of Commander Mochitsura Hashimoto1 Jan 19461946-01-01
Message from King George VI to British Children8 Jun 19461946-06-08
Letter from Truman to Forrestal Regarding Fleet Admiral Rank2 Aug 19461946-08-02
US Navy Aviation Personnel Fatalities in WW218 Apr 19471947-04-18
Documents Regarding the Removal of MacArthur, 1950-195126 Aug 19501950-08-26
Treaty of San Francisco8 Sep 19511951-09-08
Treaty of Taipei28 Apr 19521952-04-28
Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea22 Jun 19651965-06-22
Interview with Stuart Murray1 Jan 19741974-01-01
Comments by Mrs. Bence Regarding Hosting Cadets From German Cruiser Köln1 Jan 19751975-01-01
Will of Chiang Kaishek29 Mar 19751975-03-29
Interview with Bert Earnest4 Jun 19921992-06-04
Interview with Clarence Dickinson4 Jun 19921992-06-04
Interview with Earl Gallaher4 Jun 19921992-06-04
Interview with Aurelia Bates3 Jul 19941994-07-03
Interview with Sterling Mace24 Sep 20122012-09-24
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General Douglas MacArthur at Leyte, 17 Oct 1944

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