Carrier Aircraft Specifications

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ww2dbasePrincipal Carrier Aircraft Used During WW2:

 NavyAircraft Name & VariantNumber of WingsYear Intro.Number ProducedEmpty Weight (lbs)Loaded Weight (lbs)Engine Power (hp)Max Speed (mph)Range (mi)Service Ceiling (ft)Rate of Climb (ft/min)Wing Loading (lbs/sf)Max Ord. (lbs)Mach. Guns20mm CannonRockets After 1943

Carrier Fighters/Fighter-Bombers
1IJNNakajima A4N1Biplane19362212,8133,88073021952625,3902,81215.72652----
2IJNMitsubishi A5M-4 "Claude"Monoplane19371,0942,6813,68471027074632,0002,74919.21322----
3RNGloster Sea Gladiator Mk IBiplane1937983,2174,59483025340032,8002,30014.2--4----
4RNBlackburn RocMonoplane19391366,121795089022381018,000150025.62404----
5IJNMitsubishi A6M2 Zero "Zeke"Monoplane194010,9393,7045,3139403311,16232,8103,09025.526422--
6RNFairey FulmarMonoplane19406007,0159,6721,30027278027,2001,20028.32504----
7USNGrumman F4F-3 WildcatMonoplane19407,8854,9077,4231,20033184539,5002,30328.62004-6----
8RNHawker Sea Hurricane Mk IICMonoplane19414385,7457,6701,46034260036,0002,78029.8----4--
9RNSupermarine Seafire F Mk IIIMonoplane19422,6465,3177,2321,58535946536,0003,25029.950042--
10USNVought F4U CorsairMonoplane194212,5719,20514,5332,3804461,00541,5004,36046.34,000--48
11USNGrumman Hellcat F6F-5Monoplane194312,2759,23812,5982,20039194537,3003,00037.74,0004-626
12RNFairey Firefly Mk 1Monoplane19441,7029,75013,4791,73031666528,0001,70042.02,000--416

Land Fighters
--USNCurtiss Model 68 Hawk IIIBiplane19331663,3264,55277025572527,0001,95017.447420--
--RAFiat CR.32Biplane19331,0523,2084,35459922048528,9001,80018.12202----
--USNBoeing P-26 Model 281Monoplane19331512,1963,36060023436027,400719--2002----
--USSRPolikarpov I-15Biplane19356,7502,2313,05370022832032,2003,00013.02202----
--USSRPolikarpov I-16 Type 24Monoplane19356,8483,2854,2791,10032643031,8002,89027.41,100226
--Luft.Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6Monoplane193733,9844,9546,9401,45540071139,0003,30040.2551--42
--RAMacchi C.200Monoplane19391,1524,3304,85087031335029,2003,01026.83302----
--RAFiat CR.42 FalcoBiplane19391,8173,9295,06084127448033,5002,32021.04402----
--Luft.Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8Monoplane1941>20,0007,0559,7381,67740562033,9603,00049.41,10024--
--RAReggiane Re.2001Monoplane19412375,5017,2311,15933768036,0002,60032.9--2----
--RAMacchi C.202 FolgoreMonoplane19411,1505,4926,4601,15937076537,7003,56035.73504----
--IJNKawanishi N1K1-J "George"Monoplane19441,5326,3878,5981,97535550539,4003,88034.01,100--4--
Torpedo Bombers
1RNFairey SwordfishBiplane19362,3914,1957,58069014352216,5001,22012.51,6702--8
2USNDouglas TBD DevastatorMonoplane19371305,6009,86290020643520,80072022.01,9352----
3IJNNakajima B5N2 "Kate"Monoplane19371,1495,0248,3781,00023560827,1001,28020.61,7603----
4RNFairey AlbacoreBiplane19408007,25010,4601,13016171018,80075016.82,0001-2----
5USNGrumman TBF Avenger TBF-1Monoplane19429,83910,08015,5361,7002781,21522,4022,06031.72,0004--8
6RNFairey Barracuda Mk IIMonoplane19432,6029,35013,2001,64024068716,00083332.61,8002----
7IJNNakajima B6N2 "Jill"Monoplane19431,2686,63611,4641,8503001,08529,6601,57728.71,7602----

Dive Bombers
1USNCurtiss SBC-4 HelldiverBiplane19382574,5527,08085023440524,0001,63022.31,0002----
2RNBlackburn Skua Mk. IIMonoplane193819254968,22889022576020,2001,58025.85004----
3USNDouglas SBD-5 DauntlessMonoplane19405,9366,4049,3591,2002551,11525,5301,70028.82,2504----
4IJNAichi D3A2 "Val"Monoplane19401,4955,6668,3781,30024084034,4001,69022.38103----
5IJNYokosuka D4Y2 "Judy"Monoplane19422,0385,3799,3701,40034391035,1002,80036.91,1002----
6USNCurtiss SB2C-4 HelldiverMonoplane19427,14010,54716,6161,9002951,16529,1001,80039.42,500228

  1. Values were obtained from multiple sources. Some reported values may not be directly comparable to others in the same column.
  2. Combat ranges for some of the aircraft could be extended using drop tanks containing supplemental fuel.
  3. Japanese carrier aircraft designations for planes introduced after 1922 typically adhered to the following conventions. The first letter indicated the aircraft type, "A" for fighter, "B" for torpedo bomber, "C" for reconnaissance, and "D" for dive bomber. The last letter indicated the manufacturer, "A" for Aichi, "M" for Mitsubishi, "N" for Nakajima, and "Y" for Yokosuka. The "Type" indicated the last two digits for the Japanese year that the plane was adopted for service. For example, the "D3A (Type 99)" was a dive bomber manufactured by Aichi and adapted for service during the Japanese Year 2599 (1939). The plane was actually introduced for combat in 1940. The Allies referred to it as a "Val".

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