UT-2 file photo [27426]


ManufacturerA. S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC
Primary RoleOther
Maiden Flight11 July 1937


ww2dbaseThe Ya-20 trainer aircraft design was completed by the team led by Aleksandr Sergeyevich Yakovlev at Design Bureau Facility No. 115 (OKB-115) to replace the aging U-2 biplane trainers. Their structure was a mix of wood and metal. The first prototype took flight in Jul 1937. Upon Soviet Air Force acceptance, the design was given the designation UT-2. Mass production began in Sep 1937. In 1940, the forward fuselage was lengthened and a different engine was adopted as an attempt to correct a spinning problem with aircraft completed earlier. In 1941, the UT-2M variant was developed, replacing the original UT-2 design; these aircraft had a different wing design (swept leading edge and straight trailing edge) and enlarged vertical stabilizers. Between Sep 1937 and 1948, a total of 7,243 UT-2 aircraft were built. They were replaced by Yak-18 basic trainer and Yak-11 advanced trainer aircraft in the Soviet Air Force in the 1950s. They were used by Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, and Yugoslavian forces. The air force of the Mongolian separatist state also operated UT-2 aircraft for some time.

ww2dbaseSource: Wikipedia

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UT-2 Timeline

11 Jul 1937 Ya-20 trainer aircraft took its first flight.


MachineryOne Shvetsov M-11D 5-cyl air-cooled radial engine rated at 125hp
Span10.20 m
Length7.15 m
Height2.99 m
Wing Area17.12 m²
Weight, Empty628 kg
Weight, Loaded940 kg
Speed, Maximum210 km/h
Speed, Cruising99 km/h
Rate of Climb3.30 m/s
Service Ceiling5,000 m
Range, Normal1,130 km


UT-2 trainer aircraft in flight, date unknownUT-2 aircraft at the Polish Air Force Academy, Deblin, Poland, 1947UT-2 trainer aircraft on display, date unknown

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