Model 167 file photo [3855]

Model 167 Maryland

CountryUnited States
ManufacturerGlenn L. Martin Company
Primary RoleMedium Bomber
Maiden Flight14 March 1939


ww2dbaseThe A-22 bombers were built in response to the US Army Air Corps' 1938 requirement for a light bomber. The 3-crew, all-metal design was eventually passed over by the US Army, which chose the A-20 design by Douglas instead, but the French expressed interest and submitted orders. The French Air Force began using a few of them, designated Model 167 A-3, in early 1940. The French Model 167 A-3 bombers flew 350 combat missions during the German invasion in May 1940. In 1941, they attacked British and Commonwealth forces in Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East. After the French surrender, all remaining aircraft on the French order were shipped to Britain, where they received the designation Maryland. Many of the British Maryland bombers were sent to Egypt and Malta, but most of them saw little combat service as they were quickly outdated by other models. When production ceased in 1945, 450 were built, with about 215 shipped to France and 235 to Britain. After the war, some of the British Maryland bombers were transferred to the Commonwealth of South Africa.

ww2dbaseSource: Wikipedia.

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Model 167 Maryland Timeline

14 Mar 1939 The Martin Maryland medium bomber took its first flight. Built to a USAAC specification, the Maryland was only ever employed by France and Britain. It would be the first US supplied bomber to be used by the RAF in North Africa.


MachineryTwo Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp radial engines rated at 1,200hp each
Armament4x7.7mm Browning machine guns, 2x7.7mm Vickers K machine guns, 900kg of bombs
Span18.70 m
Length14.20 m
Height5.00 m
Wing Area49.90 m
Weight, Empty4,802 kg
Weight, Loaded6,939 kg
Speed, Maximum508 km/h
Rate of Climb12.00 m/s
Service Ceiling9,500 m

Mk I
MachineryTwo Pratt & Whitney R-1830-S3C4-G engines
Armament4x7.7mm Browning machine guns, 2x7.7mm Vickers K machine guns, 900kg of bombs
Span18.70 m
Length14.20 m
Height4.55 m
Wing Area50.03 m
Weight, Empty5,086 kg
Weight, Maximum7,625 kg
Speed, Maximum447 km/h
Rate of Climb12.00 m/s
Service Ceiling7,925 m
Range, Normal1,947 km


Maryland bomber at rest, circa 1940

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Model 167 Maryland Medium Bomber Photo Gallery
Maryland bomber at rest, circa 1940

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