PB2Y Coronado file photo [12866]

PB2Y Coronado

CountryUnited States
ManufacturerConsolidated Aircraft
Primary RoleSeaplane
Maiden Flight17 December 1937


ww2dbasePB2Y Coronado flying boats were designed as the successor to the PBY Catalina flying boats. Orders for two prototype aircraft were placed in 1936, and the maiden flight took place in Dec 1937. After fixing stability issues with the prototype aircraft, the production design was designated PB2Y-2. PB2Y-3 variant design was completed shortly after the start of the Pacific War, which featured additional armor and self-sealing fuel tanks. In US Navy service, they saw both combat (bombing and anti-submarine warfare) and non-combat (transport and ambulance) roles, though the latter was much more commonplace. Ten PB2Y Coronado aircraft were also sent to the United Kingdom via the Lend Lease program; the British used them purely as transports, flying trans-Atlantic routes. Later in the war, despite engine upgrade and increased fuel capacity (PB2Y-5), the US Navy also relegated them to transport roles only. They were all scrapped shortly after WW2. During the design's production life, 217 examples were built.

ww2dbaseSource: Wikipedia

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PB2Y Coronado Timeline

17 Dec 1937 PB2Y Coronado flying boat took its first flight.


MachineryFour Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92 radial engines rated at 1,200hp each
Armament3x2x12.7mm M2 Browning machine guns in 3 turrets (nose, dorsal, tail), 2x12.7mm M2 Browning machine guns in waist mounts, 2 Mark 13 torpedoes or up to 5,400kg of bombs
Span35.00 m
Length24.20 m
Height8.40 m
Wing Area165.00 m²
Weight, Empty18,530 kg
Weight, Maximum30,000 kg
Speed, Maximum310 km/h
Speed, Cruising272 km/h
Service Ceiling6,250 m
Range, Normal1,720 km


XPB2Y-1 prototype aircraft taxiing on water, 1938Consolidated XPB2Y-1 Coronado flying boat, a later prototype, making a landing off the Naval Air Station at Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, circa 1938.British PB2Y Coronado aircraft of RAF Transport and Ferry Commands at rest at RAF DarrellPB2Y Coronado aircraft of US Navy VP-13 squadron in flight, Nov 1940
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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Alan says:
19 Jun 2011 12:28:55 AM

The ten aircraft, designated PB2Y-3B. supplied to the RAF were based initially at Beaumaris, Anglesey, for service with Coastal Command. Their stay there was only brief, for they were transferred to No.231 Squadron of Transport Command and used from June 1944 to operate freight services.
2. Michael says:
29 Jul 2012 01:58:00 PM

I've seen some sources state that the early Coronados were powered by Wright R-2600 engines and the re-powered with P&W 1830s. If this is true, does anyone know why?
3. Anonymous says:
4 May 2013 03:07:07 PM

Experimented with Wright Cyclone R-2600 in place of Pratt-Witney R-1830. They wanted to see if the
addional 500HP would be better. Wright 1700HP--PW1200HP. Didn't work out. Less maintence problems with PW Engines.

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XPB2Y-1 prototype aircraft taxiing on water, 1938
See all 15 photographs of PB2Y Coronado Seaplane

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