Battle of Wuyuan

28 Jan 1940 - 3 Apr 1940


ww2dbaseOn 28 Jan 1940, as a reaction to the Chinese Winter Offensive of 1939-1940, Japanese 26th Division attacked Wuyuan from Baotou, both of which were in Suiyuan Province, China. On 3 and 4 Feb, Wuyuan and Linhe were taken successively. On 20 Mar, Chinese General Fu Zuoyi's 35th Corps, the New 31st Division, and a regiment of the Garrison Brigade, which had been secretly moving east along the Wuchia River, attacked Wuyuan by surprise. Initial Japanese resistance was fierce, with the front lines moving back and forth, causing casualties on both sides. By 1600 on 21 Mar, the Chinese took control of Wuyuan. On 22 Mar, the Chinese established a presence to control the major road into Wuyuan along the Yellow River. The Japanese counter attacked immediately, with an initial force of 600, then bolstered to 3,000 by 25 Mar with artillery and air support. Although the Chinese fielded more men, they were no match for the Japanese firepower, and fell back on 26 Mar, yielding control of Wuyuan to the Japanese but continued to harass in force Japanese troops in the region. On 30 Mar, Japanese command decided that it was not worthwhile to hold Wuyuan under the constant pestering of Chinese forces, and withdrew on 30 and 31 Mar. Chinese troops entered Wuyuan on 1 Apr and secured the region by 3 Apr 1940.

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Battle of Wuyuan Timeline

28 Jan 1940 Japanese 26th Division attacked Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
3 Feb 1940 Japanese 26th Division captured Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
4 Feb 1940 Japanese 26th Division captured Linhe, Suiyuan Province, China.
20 Mar 1940 Chinese troops attacked Japanese-occupied Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
21 Mar 1940 Chinese troops captured Japanese-occupied Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
22 Mar 1940 Chinese troops secured major roads leading into Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China. A small Japanese force was immediately deployed to counterattack, with more troops being transferred to reinforce the counteroffensive.
25 Mar 1940 By this date, the strength of the Japanese counteroffensive near Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China had grown to 3,000 men with artillery and aircarft support.
26 Mar 1940 Chinese troops evacuated Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
30 Mar 1940 Japanese troops began to evacuate Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
31 Mar 1940 Japanese troops completed the evacuation of Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
1 Apr 1940 Chinese troops captured Wuyuan, Suiyuan Province, China.
3 Apr 1940 Chinese troops secured the Wuyuan region in Suiyuan Province, China.

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