German Shelling of Southeastern Britain; Arrival of US Admirals and Generals

23 Aug 1940

USSRRef. No: 3/PPDT/T52
Issued: [illegible]


No: 92623rd Aug. 40


1. On 13th August the first German shells (presumably 12-14 inch calibre) fell on the south-east coast of England. On 22nd August the SAUSAGE-DEALERS [KOLBASNIKI][i] shelled from the CAP GRIS NEZ area a convoy of ships [1 group unidentified] to [a] DOVER. The firing started at 10.56 and ended at 12.15. Artillery spotting was by an aircraft and smoke shells. The range was 32-37 km. More than 100 shells were fired. A salvo [consisted of][b] four rounds with an [D% average] internal between salvoes of two minutes; the interval between firing and the fall of the shells was about one minute. The British laid a smoke screen and state that there were no losses. At 2100 hours on 22nd August the SAUSAGE-DEALERS fired 12 shells at DOVER in salvoes of three shells. The British bombed by [the light of][b] parachute flares [c].

2. It is thought here that the admiral and two generals who have arrived from SAShA [ii] will work in contact with the appropriate naval [d] staff. This is possible, bearing in mind that SAShA has 12 military diplomats here for general observation [duties][b].

No. 237BARCh [iii]

Notes: [a] Or "in".
 [b] Inserted by translator.
 [c] Presumably this refers to bombing of the German gun positions.
 [d] Possibly "and military" has been omitted.
Comments: [i] SAUSAGE-DEALDERS: the Germans.
 [ii] SAShA: the United States. For an explanation of this coverword see LONDON's No. 998 of 11th September 1940 (3/PPDT/T12).
 [iii] BARCh: Possibly Simon Davidovich KREMER, whose official post was Secretary to the Soviet Military Attaché in LONDON. He was appointed in 1937 and is thought to have left sometime in 1946. The covername BARCh occurs as a LONDON addressee and signatory between 3rd March 1940 and 10th October 1940, after which it is superseded by the covername BRION.

Source: United States National Security Agency
Added By: C. Peter Chen

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