Soton Airfield file photo [29834]

Soton Airfield

Type   Airfield
Historical Name of Location   Soton, Taichu, Taiwan


ww2dbaseSoton Airfield was constructed by the Japanese Army in Soton, Taichu (now Caotun, Nantou), Taiwan in mid-1944. It had a 4,200-foot long primary runway and a 4,500-foot wide secondary runway that was considerably narrower. They both had concrete surfaces. They connected by a concrete taxi way. After the war, the secondary runway was removed and the land was returned to civilian use. The primary runway remained in place, but fell into disuse. In the 1960s, the former primary runway housed emergency housing for those displaced during the great flood of 7 Aug 1959. After the displaced civilians returned home, the primary runway was removed.


Last Major Update: May 2020

Soton Airfield Interactive Map


Aerial view of Soton, Taichu (now Caotun, Nantou), Taiwan prior to the construction of an airfield, 1 Mar 1944Aerial view of Soton Airfield in Soton, Taichu, (now Caotun, Nantou), Taiwan, 3 Jan 1945; photo taken by USS Langley aircraftAerial view of Soton Airfield, Soton, Taichu (now Caotun, Nantou), Taiwan, 14 Jan 1945CORONA satellite view of the remains of the primary runway of Soton Airfield, Caotun, Nantou, Taiwan, 18 Jun 1951
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Modern Day Location
WW2-Era Place Name Soton, Taichu, Taiwan
Lat/Long 23.9691, 120.6687
Soton Airfield Photo Gallery
Aerial view of Soton, Taichu (now Caotun, Nantou), Taiwan prior to the construction of an airfield, 1 Mar 1944
See all 5 photographs of Soton Airfield

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