Joseph Stalin at a desk, 1949

Caption     Joseph Stalin at a desk, 1949 ww2dbase
Photographer    Unknown
Source    ww2dbaseGerman Federal Archives
Identification Code   Bild 183-R80329
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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed BILL says:
11 Apr 2009 02:00:02 PM

Did you know that the first light bulbs had the half face of Stalin and Lenin cut as a glower, and were given to delegates of the Soviet Parliament in 1935. Today in Russia the value as an antique gadget can sell for over $2,000 Dollars. Just maybe the light bulbs were designed, so that you could feel Stalin's heat over your shoulder!, and this is the truth the light bulbs did exist.
2. Commenter identity confirmed BILL says:
21 Jun 2009 07:26:21 PM

"This war is not as in the past, whoever occupies a territory also imposes on it
his own social system"

-Joseph Stalin, April 1945

"History shows that there are no invincible
armies and that there never have been."

-Joseph Stalin, July 1941

"It is time to finish retreating. Not a step

-Order from Stalin July 28, 1941

Did you know, that Stalin took the rank of
Marshal of the Soviet Union in 1943 and in
1945 he was declared Generalissimo, a rank
created for him alone. At the height of his
power Stalin always appeared in uniform and
every Soviet victory in the war, was always attributed to his military genius.
3. Commenter identity confirmed BillAnonymous says:
6 Nov 2009 04:43:21 PM

"A single death is a tragedy,a million deaths
is a statistic".

-Joseph Stalin-
4. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
19 Nov 2009 05:15:20 PM

Joseph Stalin had his own bunker too! this
little known bunker was connected to the
Kremlin by a maze of tunnels over ten miles
However, Stalin preferred to work in his own
office in the Kremlin. He used the bunker once in Dec. 1941.
The bunker is now open to visitors, and left
exactly as it was during the Stalin reign.
The bunker is beautifully furnished, and was
not like the drab interior of Hitler's own
bunker in Berlin.
5. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
19 Nov 2009 05:49:57 PM

Did you know:
The Kremlin in Moscow is a very old historic
fortified complex in the heart of the city.
It has four(4)Cathedrals,and four(4)Palaces the great Kremlin towers, with the wall
around it.
Everyone has seen photographs of the towers
with the Red Stars.
The Stars are a symbol of Russia,but did you
know each of those stars weigh more than a ton,and can rotate as a weathercock whenever
the wind blows.
They are made from special Ruby Glass, and
have two layers of glass making the stars look Red in any weather.
The power consumption of each star is about
5 Kwt's.
During World War II they were damaged and
later after the war refurbished.
6. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
26 Jun 2010 02:52:55 PM

"A diplomat's words must have no relation to
actions-otherwise what kind of diplomacy is it?
Words are one thing,actions another.
Good words are a concealment of bad deeds.
Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than
dry water or iron wood."

-Josef Stalin-
7. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
18 May 2015 09:31:28 PM


I guess when your fighting the less of two evils Adolf Hitler vs. Joseph Stalin, but that's another story.
Stalin's Order No.270 August 1941: Any troops who surrendered or allowed themselves to be captured, were traitors in the eyes of the law and would be executed if they ever returned to Russia.


Stalin's Order No.227 NOT ONE STEP BACKWARD
This order decreed cowards were to be liquidated
on the spot.
Under this order, any troops who retreated were to be shelled or gunned down by NKVD blocking detachments stationed behind their own lines and charged with shooting any soldier who tried to flee.
These orders were designed to increase the fighting spirit of the Red Army these weren't empty threats. According to estimates, NKVD and other special troops may have killed as many
as 150,000 of their own men, over the course of the war. 15,000 alone were killed carrying out such orders during the Battle of Stalingrad...

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