Early stage of the nuclear explosion during Operation Trinity, 16 Jul 1945, photo 2 of 2

Caption   Early stage of the nuclear explosion during Operation Trinity, 16 Jul 1945, photo 2 of 2 ww2dbase
Source    ww2dbaseUnited States Government
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Added Date 3 May 2011

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1. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
28 Jan 2017 05:05:53 PM

THUNDERBALL: Photograph taken Trinity Device 0.0016ms after detonation. What's a millisecond? 0.001 or 10-3 1/1000 of a second. I don't have a scientific keyboard the dash should be above the number 10 and the number 3, smaller. This is general knowledge to get the idea... THE UNTHINKABLE: Lets say you're so many miles away from a nuclear detonation, it could be on a clear day or night, all of a sudden, a bright flash in the sky becomes visible what ever you do, don't look at the blast, because of blast blindness, come on, who's gonna look at the blast...but then again, okay let's move on. Seven miles away its first degree burns, five miles away its going to get a lot worse third degree burns sorry to say beyond surviving even with medical technology. Four miles the shock wave hits at 180 tons along with the heat and blast if it can flatten buildings, you can figure out what's going to happen to the human body. One half mile away its total everything is gone, your history all within a millisecond. This is from a One-megaton device doesn't that term sound simpler than saying an atomic bomb. IF THE BOMB DOESN'T KILL YOU: Lingering death from burns and radiation will...and nobody's going to call 911 for this. The detonation would devastate just about everything. TRINITY DEVICE VS A REALLY BIG DEVICE: Trinity was 10 feet deep and 1,100 feet wide. A 100 Kiloton detonation crater would be 320 feet deep and 1, 280 feet wide...Since the end of WWII, those bombs are getting bigger all the time. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: Believe it or not during the Cold War the City of Santa Monica, California declared the city a "NUCLEAR FREE ZONE" How many slept sound and secure at night. with tat feel good feeling. There was only one problem was that Santa Monica was outside the Los Angeles City Limits, and those Russkies had targeted LA as a high value target. I can imagine that Ivan would throw a lot of nukes at LA... The USA won't be caught flat footed, and launch its land-based ICBM's, the Navy's SLBM's and the good old nuke carrying backup the USAF Boeing B-52 of Dr. Strangelove fame... NUCLEAR ARSENALS: As of 2017 nine countries have nuclear weapons. Both the USA and Russia maintain on alert 24/7 its nuclear weapons that are land-based, sea-based and carried by aircraft ready to launch within minutes. PLAYERS CLUB: United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Communist China, India, Pakistan and North Korea NEITHER CONFIRM NOR DENY: TRANSLATION " We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the nonexistence of the information you have requested. And if such hypothetical information did exist, such information would be classified". Iran and Israel and who really knows how many basement and dirty bombs are possibility be in the hands of... PARTING SHOT: Two men are up to their waist in gasoline. One man has one match, the other man, has two matches...what's the difference. I'm not an academic, just one who has kept up with the advances in science and technology. Its in other professions that I've been successful. I DEEPLY THANK THE EDITOR/WW2DB FOR HIS CONTINUED SUPPORT, FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOOGY AND THE HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II

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