Winston Churchill took aim with a Sten gun during a visit to the Royal Artillery experimental station at Shoeburyness in Essex, England, United Kingdom, 13 Jun 1941

Caption   Winston Churchill took aim with a Sten gun during a visit to the Royal Artillery experimental station at Shoeburyness in Essex, England, United Kingdom, 13 Jun 1941 ww2dbase
Source    ww2dbaseImperial War Museum
Identification Code   4700-37 H 10688
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Photos on Same Day 13 Jun 1941
Added By C. Peter Chen
Added Date 13 Jun 2007
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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed Alan Chanter says:
3 Dec 2007 11:19:39 AM

The man to Churchills left (in white shirt and tie) is Detective Inspector Walter H Thompson (Churchills personal police bodyguard).
2. Bill says:
14 Aug 2010 08:48:39 PM

Looks like Churchill is shouldering a 9mm
Sten Mk II Sub machine gun.
This weapon was issued to British and
Commonwealth forces during World War II.

The Germans even used captured weapons, they
were known as the MP.748(e)the 'e' standing for Englisch.

The Sten was cheap to build and 4,000,000
were produced during WWII. Another famous
wartime photo shows Churchill with the
American .45 caliber Thompson Sub machine gun

Did You Know...

What does STEN stand for?
Major Reginald (S)hepherd and Harold (T)urpin
(EN) Enfield Arsenal STEN

As a British Officer, during the Boer War Churchill armed himself with the German Mauser C-69,9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol known
as the Broomhandle. The feed system used 6,10 and 20 rounds.
For added firepower Mauser had a 40 round
drum magazine.

Even Lawrence of Arabia carried one!

And for you Sci-Fi fans remember Han Solo
carried a C-69 Broomhandle lazer pistol in in the Star Wars films.
3. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
17 Aug 2010 08:35:07 AM

Correction for Han Sole's weapon, it is a
Laser pistol, not a Lazer.

Acronym for Laser:
Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of
I should have known this, but then again I missed it by 's'.

I',sure Churchill was able to try out other
weapons during World War II.
4. Jonny says:
13 Jun 2011 04:01:22 AM

Britain needs someone like him. The world does.

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