P-61 Black Widow at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Riverside, Ohio, United States, 27 Dec 2006

Caption   P-61 Black Widow at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Riverside, Ohio, United States, 27 Dec 2006 ww2dbase
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Added Date 27 Sep 2007

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
13 Aug 2010 05:31:15 PM

Did You Know... The P-61 was part of a program testing early ejection seats. One of those ejection seats came from a captured Heinkel He 162 in August 1945.
2. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
13 Aug 2010 05:57:23 PM

Did You Know... Four (4) P-61's are in existance today, but one is being recovered and will be restored the crash site is located in New Guniea. January 1945 the P-61B crashed and pan-caked on the side of a mountain, all crew members survived, the P-61 was left and was not salvaged at the 7,000 foot altitude. It will be put back to flying condition,when it does it will be the only P-61 flying in the world. Work is to be done by the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, located in Reading, Pennsylvania.
3. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
14 Aug 2010 10:43:00 AM

A P-61 is on display at the USAF Museum located in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Another is being restored at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania USA. After its restortation, it will be the only P-61 Black Widow flying in the world. The last one on display in the United States is at the National Air & Space Museum located in Washington, DC. "A Long Way From Home" One of the four (4) P-61's in existence is on static display outside at the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Engineering that is located in Beijing, Communist China. The Story behind the story: In the final days of World War II three P-61 Night Fighters, were stolen, by Communist troops the aircraft must have been abandoned and were unservicable. Its hard to imagine the USAAF letting three of of its advanced night fighters fall into the hands of the Commies. The other two were destroyed, the other was kept, and is now at the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Engineering.
4. Bill says:
23 Feb 2015 08:12:00 AM

CHINESE CONNECTION: LEFT BEHIND Continued from comment number 3 14 Aug 2010 the P-61B-15-NO s/n 42-39715 was built at the Northrop Aircraft Plant located at Hawthorne, California, USA aircraft is now on display Beijing, Communist China

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