Royal Australian Air Force Walrus aircraft A2-7 being lifted onto a Leander-class light cruiser, 1939

Caption     Royal Australian Air Force Walrus aircraft A2-7 being lifted onto a Leander-class light cruiser, 1939 ww2dbase
Photographer    Unknown
Source    ww2dbaseAustralian War Memorial
Identification Code   044443
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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Stephen says:
21 Sep 2009 05:27:15 PM


Not a Walrus but a Seagull Mk V.

ALL RAN Ships started the war with Seagull Mk Vs which had a wodden hull and a few other diffrences.

The Seagull was designed for the RAAF to operate off their Cruisers much as we now use Helos on our FFGs and ANZAC Class.
We also had a seaplane Carrier for a brief period called HMAS Albatross.

ALL RAAF Seagulls had the A2 prefix while the Walrus replacements used later in the war such as on HMAS Sydney after her Seagull was shot down during the shore bombardment of Bardia in 1940(the pilot was awarded the DFC and survived the war one of my relations Ray Barrey RAAF replaced him but the RAN TAG and RN Observer were the same until they were sunk)which led to it being replaced by a FAA RN Walrus as a 'loan' for the remainder of their time in the middle east.

After they returned it another Walrus was issued to replace the Seagul and this was the aircraft on board wheen she was sunk in the action with HSK Kormoran on or around 19 November 1941.

A2-7's History was -

Delivered 13 May 1936.
1 Aircraft Depot(13 May 1936)
5 RAAF Sqd (June 1936)
HMAS Australia (1936)
damaged 15 Aug 1936
to QANTAS for repairs
RAAF Richmond (17 Aug 1936)
HMAS Sydney (28 Jan 1937)
damaged 4 Aug 1937
u/c collapsed 20 Aug 1937 on landing at Archerfield Qld
2 Aircraft Depot(6 Sept 1937 for repairs)
5 RAAF Sqd(18 Nov 1938)
9 RAAF Sqd (1 Jan 1939)
HMAS Hobart (31 Jan 1939)
damaged 7 Feb 1939/9 Jul 1939/28 Jul 1939
1 Flight Training School(14 Sept 1939)
10 RAAF Sqd (17 Sept 1939)
forcelanded after engine failure at Warburton
Vic,26 Oct 1939.
Reduced to components 31 May 1940.

Compare to Aircraft on HMAS Sydney during War -

1) A2-21 Seagull MK V

Delivered 29 Apr 1937.
2 Aircraft Depot(29 Apr 1937)
5 RAAF Sqd (1 Apr 1938)
wheels up landing 20 May 1938
9 RAAF Sqd (1 Jan 1939)
swung on landing 23 Feb 1939
HMAS Hobart(14 Jul 1939)
RAAF Richmond with faulty engine(3Oct 1939) 9 RAAF Sqd (Reserve)(23 Nov 1939)
RAAF Pearce (18 Dec 1939)
HMAS Sydney late 1939
attacked while bombardment spotting at Bardia 21 June 1940.
Port u/c collapsed when making emergency landing at Mersa Matruh.

2) K8542 Walrus Mk I

Loaned by RN FAA HMAS Sydney (26 June 1940) Damaged at Mersa Matruh and condemned Sept 1940
Returned to RN charge at 103MU 23 Sept 1940.

3)L2177 Walrus Mk I

Loaned to HMAS Sydney (23 Sept 1940)
QANTAS Rose Bay (21 Feb 1941 repairs)
HMAS Sydney (1 Mar 1941)
Lost when ship was sunk by German raider HSK Kormoran along with entire RAAF Detachment under command of F/O RB Barrey RAAF,along with RAN TAG and RN Observer who made up aircrew.
RAAF Detachment were Pilot and Groundcrew.
SOC 23 Jan 1942.

(HMAS Perth also had a walrus for similiar reasons when she was sunk..)

The ship in the photo is HMAS Hobart according to the RAN as i have a copy of this pick in large scale which was sent to me by the RAN history section after the reloaction of HMAS Sydney was recentley completed.
2. Anonymous says:
4 Jun 2011 06:05:56 PM

The ship depicted is HMAS Hobart, as sister ship to HMAS Sydney II and HMAS Perth. Both of those ships were sunk with single 4inch guns, while the Hobart can be seen here with twin 4inch guns on the gun deck amidships.

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