Air Force Rank Comparison Between Countries


British Royal Air Force German Luftwaffe Italian Regia Aeronautica United States Army Air Force
Marshal of the RAF Generalfeldmarschall N/A General of the Army *
Air Chief Marshal Generaloberst Generale di armata aerea General
Air Marshal General der Flieger
General der Flieger
General der Fallschirmtruppe
General der Luftnachrichtentruppe
General der Flakartillerie
General der Luftwaffe
Generale di squadra aerea Lieutenant General
Air Vice-Marshal Generalleutnant Generale di divisione aerea Major General
Air Commodore Generalmajor Generale di brigata aerea Brigadier General
Group Captain Oberst Colonnello Colonel
Wing Commander Oberstleutnant Tenente Colonnello Lieutenant Colonel
Squadron Leader Major Maggiore Major
Flight Lieutenant Hauptmann Capitano Captain
Flying Officer Oberleutnant Tenente First Lieutenant
Pilot Officer Leutnant Sottotenente Second Lieutenant
Warrant Officer Stabfeldwebel Maresciallo di prima classe Master Sergeant
Acting Pilot Officer Oberfähnrich Maresciallo di seconda classe Flight Cadet
Flight Sergeant Oberfeldwebel Maresciallo di terza classe Technical Sergeant
Sergeant Feldwebel Sergente maggiore Staff Sergeant
Officer Cadet Fähnrich N/A Flight Cadet
Corporal Unterfeldwebel N/A Sergeant
Officer Cadet Fahnenjunker Sergente Flight Cadet
Corporal Unteroffizier N/A Corporal
Senior Aircraftman Hauptgefreiter until 1944
Stabsgefreiter from 1944
Primo Aviere Private First Class
Leading Aircraftman Obergefreiter Aviere Scello N/A
Aircraftman First Class Gefreiter N/A N/A
Aircraftman Second Class Flieger Aviere Private

* During the WW2 period, the United States Army Air Forces was a component of the United States Army. In 1947, it was made a separate branch, and the title of General of the Army was promptly renamed General of the Air Force.

Piero Crociani and Pier Paolo Battistelli, Italian Navy & Air Force Elite Unites and Special Forces 1940-45
Paul Deichmann, Spearhead for Blitzkrieg

Last Major Update: Mar 2007

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed Hobilar says:
26 Aug 2007 01:52:40 AM

Note: The RAF rank of Warrant Officer class 2 had been abolished in April 1933
2. Commenter identity confirmed Hobilar says:
14 Sep 2007 02:16:12 AM

In the RAF a Wing Commander would command a Squadron in Bomber Command, whilst a Squadron Leader would command a Fighter Squadron
3. Anonymous says:
14 Sep 2007 02:26:59 AM

USAAF General Hap Arnold was promoted to the rank of General of the Air Force(Five Star General)by Act of Congress on 21 Dec 1944.

4. Stannous Flouride says:
7 Dec 2007 12:38:11 AM

The correct WW2 USAAC/USAAF General ranks should be:
Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General and General of the Air Force (or Army)

The #-star designation is a civilian description, not a military rank.
5. hassaneen says:
30 Jun 2008 12:04:14 AM

it is very good to show diffirent rank and ensignia just to inform the people ageneral notice
6. Jeff says:
23 Nov 2008 09:50:50 PM

This site helped me learn a great deal. I am interested in the war in No. Africa, especially, and Erwin Rommel as well. The articles were informative and well written
7. Anonymous says:
4 Jan 2009 12:37:27 AM

please inform us the compare between the countries by air force
8. K.Nacht says:
6 Dec 2009 05:07:15 AM

better if the rank badges is shown here
9. umer says:
23 Jul 2011 02:00:34 AM

its tell about air force force ranking after world war2
10. Chicago1000 says:
27 Apr 2013 10:17:18 PM

Perchè mancano,per l'ITALIA,le indicazioni dei gradi
che vanno " from Private Second Class to Warrant officier"?
Best regards.
Michele ing.POTENZA-Italy-
11. Kershaw says:
22 Jun 2014 01:41:46 PM

My father, Eric G. Kershaw was a flying Sgt. RAFVR. He wore three chevrons and a crown. In the United States Army I wore three chevrons up and two down when I retired after 23 years of service. I would like to see the comparable chevrons then and now. Any inputs out there?
12. Stuart A Boatwright says:
19 Nov 2021 05:15:05 PM

I am looking for RAF IN WW2. THR RANKS FOR THE enlisted men, non-Commissioned officers and commissioned officers pleas email me the list at

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