Ground Forces Rank Comparison Between Countries


Chinese Army German Army German Waffen-SS Italian Army Italian Blackshirts Japanese Army Soviet Red Army (Post-1943) Soviet NKVD and NKGB (Post-1943) United States Army United States Marine Corps
  Reichsmarschall, Marshal of the Empire   Primo Maresciallo dell'Impero, First Marshal of the Empire            
Yiji Shangjiang, General First Class Generalfeldmarschall, Field Marshal Reichsf├╝hrer Maresciallo d'Italia, Marshal of Italy   Gensui, Field Marshal Marshal of the Soviet Union General Commissar of State Security General of the Army  
Erji Shangjiang, General Second Class Generaloberst, Colonel General Oberstgruppenf├╝hrer Generale d'Armata   Taisho, General Marshal of [type of unit] State Security Commissar of 1st Rank General General
Zhongjiang, Lieutenant General General der [type of unit], General of [type of unit] Generaloberst, Colonel General Generale di Corpo d'Armata Comandante Generale Chujo, Lieutenant General Colonel General State Security Commissar of 2nd Rank Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
Shaojiang, Major General Generalleutnant, Lieutenant General Gruppenf├╝hrer Generale di Divisione Luogotenente Generale Shosho, Major General Lieutenant General State Security Commissar of 3rd Rank Major General Major General
Zhunjiang, Brigadier General Generalmajor, Major General Brigadef├╝hrer Generale di Brigata Console Generale   Major General State Security Commissar Brigadier General Brigadier General
              State Security Colonel    
    Oberf├╝hrer         State Security Lieutenant Colonel    
Shangxiao, Colonel Oberst, Colonel Standartenf├╝hrer Colonnello, Colonel Console Taisa, Colonel Colonel State Security Major Colonel Colonel
Zhongxiao, Lieutenant Colonel Oberstleutnant, Lieutenant Colonel Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Tenente Colonnello Primo Seniore Chusa, Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel State Security Captain Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
Shaoxiao, Sub-Colonel Major Sturmbannf├╝hrer Maggiore Seniore Shosa, Major Major State Security Senior Lieutenant Major Major
        Primo Centurione          
Shangwei, Upper Lieutenant Hauptmann, Captain Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Capitano Centurione Taii, Captain Captain State Security Lieutenant Captain Captain
        Primo Capo Manipolo          
Zhongwei, Lieutenant Oberleutnant, Senior Lieutenant Obersturmf├╝hrer Primo Tenente Capo Manipolo Chui, Lieutenant Senior Lieutenant State Security Junior Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Shaowei, Sub-Lieutenant Leutnant Untersturmf├╝hrer Tenente Sotto Capo Manipolo Shoi, Sub-Lieutenant Lieutenant   Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Zhunwei, Brigadier Lieutenant       Primo Aiutante, Warrant Officer 1st Class Juni, Warrant Officer   State Security Sergeant    
        Aiutante Capo, Head Warrant Officer         Chief Warrant Officer
        Aiutante, Warrant Officer         Warrant Officer
  Stabfeldwebel Sturmscharf├╝hrer     Socho, Sergeant Major     Sergeant Major Sergeant Major/Master Gunnery Sergeant
  Oberf├Ąhnrich Standarten-Oberjunker              
Shangshi, Upper Sergeant Oberfeldwebel Hauptscharf├╝hrer           Master Sergeant First Sergeant/Master Sergeant
  Feldwebel Oberscharf├╝hrer           Technical Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant
  F├Ąhnrich Standartenjunker              
  Unterfeldwebel Scharf├╝hrer   Primo Capo Squadra       Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Zhongshi, Sergeant Unteroffizier Unterscharf├╝hrer   Capo Squadra Gunso, Sergeant     Sergeant Sergeant
Xiashi, Sub-Sergeant Obergefreiter Rottenf├╝hrer   Vice Capo Squadra Gocho, Corporal     Corporal Corporal
  Gefreiter Sturmann     Gocho Kimmu Jotohei, Acting Corporal       Lance Corporal
        Camicia Nera Scelta Heicho        
          Jotohei (Superior Private)        
          Jotohei Kimmusha (Acting Superior Private)        
Shangdengbing, Private Upper Class Obersch├╝tze/Obergrenadier Obersch├╝tze     Ittohei, Private First Class     Private First Class Private First Class
Yidengbing, Private First Class Sch├╝tze/Grenadier Sch├╝tze   Camicia Nera, Blackshirt Nitohei, Private Second Class     Private Private
Erdengbing, Private Second Class                  

Vadim Birstein, SMERSH

Last Major Update: Oct 2012

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