Naval Rank Comparison Between Countries


British Royal Navy British Women's Royal Naval Service

German Kriegsmarine Italian Regia Marina Japanese Navy US Navy
Admiral of the Fleet N/A Großadmiral, Grand Admiral N/A N/A Fleet Admiral
N/A N/A Generaladmiral, General Admiral N/A N/A N/A
Admiral N/A Admiral Ammiraglio d'armata Taisho, Admiral Admiral
Vice Admiral N/A Vizeadmiral, Vice Admiral Ammiraglio di squadra Chujo, Vice Admiral Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral Director Konteradmiral, Counter Admiral Ammiraglio di divisione Shosho, Rear Admiral Rear Admiral
Commodore, 1st Class N/A Kommodore Contraammiraglio N/A Commodore
Commodore, 2nd Class Deputy Director N/A N/A N/A N/A
Captain Superintendent KapitÀn zur See, Captain Capitano di Vascello Daisa, Captain Captain
Commander Chief Officer FregattenkapitÀn, Commander ("Frigate Captain") Capitano di Fregata, Commander ("Frigate Captain") Chusa, Commander Commander
Lieutenant Commander First Officer KorvettenkapitÀn, Lieutenant Commander ("Corvette Captain") Capitano di Corvetta, Lieutenant Commander ("Corvette Captain") Shosa, Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
N/A N/A StabskapitÀnleutnant Primo Tenente di Vascello N/A N/A
Lieutenant or Acting Lieutenant Second Officer KapitÀnleutnant, Lieutenant Captain Tenente di Vascello Daii, Lieutenant Lieutenant
Sub Lieutenant or Acting Sub Lieutenant Third Officer Oberleutnant zur See, Upper Lieutenant Sottotenente di Vascello Chui, Lieutenant (jg) Lieutenant (jg)
Ensign N/A Leutnant zur See, Lieutenant Guardiamarina Ensign Ensign
Midshipman N/A OberfÀhnrich zur See N/A Shoi, Midshipman Midshipman
N/A N/A FĂ€hnrich zur See N/A N/A N/A
Warrant Officer 1st Class N/A Stabsoberfeldwebel N/A N/A Warrant Officer 1st Class
Warrant Officer 2nd Class N/A N/A N/A N/A Warrant Officer 2nd Class
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Warrant Officer 3rd Class
N/A N/A Oberfeldwebel N/A N/A Warrant Officer 4th Class
Chief Petty Officer N/A Stabsfeldwebel N/A Ittoheiso, NCO 1st Class
(Jotoheiso post-1942, NCO Upper Class)
Chief Petty Officer
N/A N/A Feldwebel N/A Nitoheiso, NCO 2nd Class
(Ittoheiso post-1942, NCO 1st Class)
Petty Officer 1st Class
Senior Petty Officer N/A Obermaat N/A N/A Petty Officer 2nd Class
Petty Officer N/A Maat N/A N/A Petty Officer 3rd Class
N/A N/A Matrosenstabsgefreiter N/A N/A N/A
Leading Seaman N/A N/A N/A Santoheiso, NCO 3rd Class
(Nitoheiso post-1942, NCO 2nd Class)
Able Seaman N/A Matrosenhaupgefreiter N/A Ittosuihei, Seaman 1st Class
(Suiheicho post-1942, Seaman Leader)
Seaman 1st Class
Ordinary Seaman 1st Class N/A Matrosengefreiter N/A Nitosuihei, Seaman 2nd Class
(Jotosuihei post-1942, Seaman Upper Class)
Seaman 2nd Class
Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class N/A Matrose N/A Santoheihei, Seaman 3rd Class
(Ittosuihei post-1942, Seaman 1st Class)
Seaman 3rd Class
N/A N/A N/A N/A Yontosuihei, Seaman 4th Class
(Nitosuihei post-1942, Seaman 2nd Class)

Piero Crociani and Pier Paolo Battistelli, Italian Navy & Air Force Elite Units and Special Forces 1940-45
United States Navy
World Book Encyclopedia [1956 edition]

Last Major Update: Jun 2008

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1. Anonymous says:
8 Dec 2021 06:27:09 AM

The USN seaman ratings shown seem to be reversed in order, actually a 1st being a higher rating than a 2nd, and a 2nd being higher than a 3rd.
2. Commenter identity confirmed C. Peter Chen says:
8 Dec 2021 06:56:48 AM

Thank you, anonymous of 8 Dec 2021, we have made the corrections.

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