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ww2dbaseMorgan was born during 1977 in the southern suburbs of Sydney, which is the largest city in Australia. All throughout high school he took few history subjects, instead studying the sciences and technical subjects. The foundations which led him to study history were still laid at school, at the age of sixteen a friend introduced him to Christianity. As Morgan investigated the Bible, he discovered people in a historical situation, and in an effort to know more borrowed every conceivable book about ancient history that he could find at the local public library. After trying a number of jobs after leaving school, he settled on an apprenticeship to become an electronic technician. However, this was interrupted when he had a minor stroke at the age of 21, after which he was in hospital for nine months. In rehab Morgan strove to walk again, and eventually graduated to walking with a stick on my own, but my right arm took time to recover. The head doctor of the rehab ward told him that hand function may never return, so Morgan might never be able to return to work, it may be best if he retrain for a job that used his mind. He took a STAT test, which is an IQ test for university entry, and did well enough to study Arts at Wollongong University. Reflecting on how much he had enjoyed reading history at the library, he decided to major in history and politics. To prepare for this, he read a huge amount of historical research, and discussed history at The first subject in the course was about 20th Century dictatorships, focusing on Hitler and Stalin. As I was studying for this subject I met Peter Chen, who was developing a new site about WWII, and wanted contributors. Morgan wrote an article for the site about the Winter War. After graduating from the four year Arts course, he applied to study in an additional year that qualified graduates to be teachers. After completing this he was offered a temporary job teaching history in a high school at Broken Hill. Upon returning to Wollongong he suffered his second stroke, which was severe. The doctors told his parents that he would most likely die, but a brilliant neurosurgeon was convinced that he could spare Morgan's life by performing a craniotomy. Over the next three years he would live in a number of hospitals. The prognosis was not good, rehab specialists and therapists struggled with how to best manage his condition, finally settling on providing him with mobility in the form of an electric wheelchair. In early 2008 he moved into a villa leased to him by the NSW Department of Housing. Over the past year and a half he has researched and written some of the articles relating to Australia's involvement in the Second World War for the WWII Database, all of which he types up with his right hand that the doctor from his first recovery told him that he'd most likely recover use of. Although the doctors have told him that it is unlikely that he will ever walk again, he is confident that, God willing, he will gradually recover function in his entire body, much like his right arm affected by the first stroke, it will just take time and require patience on his part. In December of 2009 he will begin studying a Theological Certificate by correspondence, which will occupy most of his time, but intends to continue writing articles for WW2DB (at a much slower pace than recent years).

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Person: William Hughes9 Oct 2010 
Event: Battle of Brisbane14 Mar 2010 
Person: Rupert Lonsdale7 Jan 2010 
Person: Arthur Fadden23 Dec 2009 
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Event: Anzac Conference5 Oct 2009 
Person: Frank Forde4 Sep 2009 
Ship: Adelaide24 Aug 2009 
Person: Sydney Rowell19 Jun 2009 
Ship: Vampire13 Jun 2009 
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Ship: Vendetta29 May 2009 
Ship: Waterhen26 May 2009 
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Person: Arthur Allen14 Apr 2009 
Person: Thomas Blamey11 Apr 2009 
Ship: Armidale7 Apr 2009 
Person: John Collins31 Mar 2009 
Person: Harold Farncomb22 Mar 2009 
Ship: Sydney24 Jan 2009 
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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Anonymous says:
29 Aug 2006 06:12:17 PM

I just thought Id comment because well... my name is Morgan Bell as well even though Im a girl. However, I thought that was quite strange.
2. Anonymous says:
8 Jun 2008 01:30:28 PM

Lolol, my name actually happens to Morgan Bell too. How coincidental.
3. Anonymous says:
13 Apr 2009 06:02:26 AM

haha, my name is morgan bell too! that is so funny! im 17 tho
4. Triston says:
5 Apr 2012 07:17:38 AM

I need a WW2 expert for a school project and i would like to ask you some questions. Please respond.
5. Humboldt says:
12 Mar 2013 10:44:40 AM

In people's section, I miss a reference about the fighter ace Erich Hartman:

Don't answer the comment. Thank you.
Great job!
6. Robert Poole says:
9 Aug 2013 11:23:14 AM

I have a picture of the S-28 and crew taken before it sank off the coast of Hawaii. My dad is Bob Poole gunners mate in the photo. He was on all seven war patrols of the S-28. The photo is singed " My Ship and Shipmates, Love Jack" which is Jack Campbell. Bob Poole transfered off in Pearl Harbor just before it went down. If anyone wants this photo, send an e-mail to
7. Anonymous says:
8 Nov 2014 07:21:49 AM

Hello.I have a Japanese Trunk fromm WW11 that I inherited from my Grandfather that I've been trying for years,35 or so to be exact,to get information on.I was hoping that possibly you could help or at least guide me to the right place to get its history.Thank you for your time.

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