Adnan bin Saidi file photo [2007]

Adnan bin Saidi

Given NameAdnan
Died14 Feb 1942


ww2dbaseAdnan bin Saidi was born at Kajang, Selangor in 1915 along the western Malay coast. During the Battle of Singapore, he led a 42-men platoon in a fierce defense of Pasir Panjang Ridge between 12 and 14 Feb 1942 despite being out-gunned by Japanese artillery. He was injured during battle, but refused to stop fighting. He was captured when the Japanese overran his position, and he was tied to a tree and bayoneted to death for his stubborn resistance. His bravery remains as a proud story in both Malaysia and Singapore today.

ww2dbaseSource: Wikipedia.

Last Major Revision: Sep 2006

Adnan bin Saidi Timeline

14 Feb 1942 Despite being wounded, Adnan bin Saidi continued to retire from his forward position in Singapore. When his position was finally taken by Japanese troops, he was tied to a tree and bayoneted to death.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. koh wee hee says:
25 Sep 2006 05:52:43 PM

I think that adnan bin saidi is a brave soilder
2. po says:
28 Sep 2006 05:46:32 AM

ironic how those who deserve to live are the ones who die first
3. War Heroes says:
27 Mar 2007 05:05:23 AM

Hes brave, and its just funny, brave people who all the more deserve to live die young. Heroes..I guess it has to do with their bravery and they go into the battle first, which also means running towards death . hehe.
4. Alysa Gale says:
22 Apr 2008 03:11:58 AM

I want somemore photo of him!!!!!!
5. Th3 camp was gd says:
9 May 2008 06:58:28 PM

i agree with koh wee hee- He is so brave!
6. forgotten last stand says:
7 Jan 2009 10:55:14 AM

"The Malay Regiment showed what esprit de corps and discipline can achieve. Garrisons of posts held their ground and many of them were wiped out almost to a man." - Lieutenant General Arthur Percival

*FYI Malay Regiment was the unit Leftenant Adnan has served under. It is still alive to this day.

7. qwerty says:
17 Jan 2009 11:44:47 PM

good person
8. Singaporeans says:
28 Jan 2009 03:16:41 AM

and he was tied to a tree and bayoneted to death for his STUBBORN resistance? wat u mean stubborn ? he was so brave to protect singapore ! that word are not suppose to describe him for his braveness !
9. Commenter identity confirmed C. Peter Chen says:
28 Jan 2009 07:15:34 AM

According to the Princeton University dictionary, stubborn means "marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield", and according to Wikipedia, "refusing to move or change one's opinion". I think that is the perfect word to describe Adnan bin Saidi's brave defense in spite of overwhelming odds against him.
10. Anonymous says:
9 Feb 2009 10:39:49 PM

how brave is he
11. Anonymous says:
18 Feb 2009 03:49:40 AM

he is a brave man and he is our great war hero's among Elizabeth choy ,Lim boo seng,halford boudewyn
12. Anonymous says:
20 Feb 2009 06:07:42 PM

I think that adnan bin saidi is a brave soilder
13. ...... says:
28 Apr 2009 03:01:25 AM

i think he is a brave person
14. farizi says:
7 Jul 2009 06:07:09 PM

i think he is a brave soldier
15. aiman says:
7 Jul 2009 06:08:48 PM

i think lt adnan is a brave soldier like bumblebee
16. adib says:
8 Jul 2009 09:43:38 PM

lol suka sangat ngan transformers 2.........
so sad he sacrificed himself just for singapore

17. asnoor says:
19 Aug 2009 09:25:05 AM

i admired his spirits!!!!!!!!!!! such a brave's really means death before dishonour
18. anak jati melayu.. says:
5 Jan 2010 02:01:39 AM

beliau adalah pemuda yg berani mempertahankan negara melayu daripada dijajah oleh jepun..beliaulah penyelamat melayu..
19. Anonymous says:
15 Mar 2010 06:29:18 AM

He is really a very brave person and i really admire him. He was shot but he cotinued fighting the battle till the end with his fellow soldiers. There is only 1 word to describe him-- brave.
20. Anonymous says:
13 Apr 2010 02:09:26 AM

He is so very brave *** !
21. Cheresa says:
30 May 2010 11:14:08 PM

He sacrificed alot for Singapore and was not afraid.
22. wan says:
9 Aug 2010 01:15:04 AM

i and all malaysian salute you forever and ever....amin may god bless you
23. 1st Sgt Muhammad Saddiq (SAF Military Police Command0 says:
27 Aug 2010 10:25:24 PM


May your soul be at ease. How I wish to fight in the battle and die with you. We are born to die, just the way we die is different. Is it with honour or otherwise? I choose the former, like Lt. Adnan Saidi.

24. Anonymous says:
20 Oct 2010 06:20:58 PM

mr soldier is a brave soldier
25. aiz says:
20 Jan 2011 03:08:57 AM

after the japanese took him down, the jap went to adnan home in kajang selangor to kill his family but his family managed to escape before the *** arrive while his father stayed behind to avoid from the *** chasing the others. his father managed to stabb 2 of *** army to death before he was short in the struggle.
26. Anonymous says:
12 Apr 2011 03:13:15 AM

Adnan Bin Saidi was a very brave and loyal soldier...
27. Isabella says:
14 May 2011 03:01:20 AM

28. malaysian people says:
27 Mar 2012 10:21:49 AM

he is the legends at malaysia...he said " why should we surrender to imperial even though we know we will lost"...he is the brave soldier ever...
29. Anonymous says:
16 Apr 2012 04:36:05 AM

that is good
30. Anonymous says:
15 May 2012 10:48:00 AM

Well I guess we only heard of the Malay regiment but how come here in Singapore the government mention the chinese get the credit. I believe it should be Lt Adnan and his men get the credit. Even if Lt Adnan and his men are not around now there still a survivor men in his platoon. And to be truth Singapore government did not trust the malay here saying that the malay here are will turn to the enemy if war break out. Dun believe me go and check at Lim Chu Kang camp can Malay Soldier enter that area and are Malay soldier allowed to enter any singapore top secret camp and are there any really Malay Soldier flight aircraft in RSAF?? GO check out
31. paktamman says:
9 Dec 2012 06:24:14 PM

As A Malay and Malaysian we are proud of him.His story and the rest of his men never die will be told from generations to generations,The Malay Regiment still exist.Thank you Mr C.Peter Chen for this informative blog.
32. Shahid Adnan says:
11 Dec 2013 07:38:16 PM

May God bless you.Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatasnya.
33. Zayn Malik says:
30 Jun 2014 02:26:45 AM

He is my inspiration.My hero.My brave soldier.
May Allah bless you and place you in heaven.
34. Anonymous says:
10 Nov 2015 05:36:57 AM

where & what was LeekuanYew doing during the war?
35. Paul Markham says:
14 Feb 2016 09:22:45 AM

Very strange.The Japanese had no respect if you surrendered,but if you didn't they killed you anyway! Mind you they used to behead villagers so they didn't have to put too many guards on! Nice race.

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