Spearhead for Blitzkrieg

ISBN: 0-8041-1695-4
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Spearhead for Blitzkrieg is General der Flieger Paul Deichmann's analysis of the Luftwaffe, the German air force, during WW2, with particular stress on how air operations coordinated with ground forces. Initial feel of the book was rather light; with paperback size and just over 200 pages, I wondered if it was really as "penetrating" as the marketing slogan claimed. Deichmann had a habit of quoting direct from the Air Field Manuals, which gave me clue as for why the Luftwaffe operated the way it did, but at the same time it made me wonder whether I could pick up a copy of the Air Field Manual and perhaps get more of a complete picture of what the manuals preached. Of course, it is unfair to say that this piece of work is not valuable for understanding German air doctrine. For instance, Deichmann cited Army Field Manual's stress on using air power to maintain air superiority and disrupt enemy resources such as factories and steel mills. Citing specific instances where the German High Command failed to follow this doctrine, he clearly offered his analysis on why the Russian Front fell apart. For those interested in the organizations of the Luftwaffe in the field, this book also offers in-depth sections on that topic. Finally, Deichmann also offered his comments on many aircraft used by the German air force, with particular stress on reconnaissance aircraft models. However, I must say that he did a sub-par job in terms of writing, as the sections on reconnaissance were dry and flowed badly.

Although I do not give Spearhead for Blitzkrieg very high remarks, it is still an interesting work that lays a basic foundation for those who wishes to begin learning about how the Luftwaffe operated alongside of the German Army.

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