World War II Battleships and Battlecruisers

NameClassCountryYear of Launch
Alabama  South Dakota-class Battleship  United States  1942  
Alaska  Alaska-class Large Cruiser  United States  1943  
Anson  King George V (1939)-class Battleship  United Kingdom    
Arizona  Pennsylvania-class Battleship  United States  1915  
Barham  Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1914  
Bismarck  Bismarck-class Battleship  Germany  1939  
Bretagne  Bretagne-class Battleship  France  1913  
California  Tennessee-class Battleship  United States    
Centurion  King George V (1911)-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1911  
Colorado  Colorado-class Battleship  United States  1921  
Conte di Cavour  Conte di Cavour-class Battleship  Italy  1911  
Duke of York  King George V (1939)-class Battleship  United Kingdom    
Dunkerque  Dunkerque-class Battleship  France  1935  
Fuso  Fuso-class Battleship  Japan  1914  
Giulio Cesare  Conte di Cavour-class Battleship  Italy  1911  
Gneisenau  Gneisenau-class Battlecruiser  Germany  1936  
Guam  Alaska-class Large Cruiser  United States  1943  
H  H-class Battleship  Germany    
Haruna  Kongo-class Battleship  Japan  1913  
Hiei  Kongo-class Battleship  Japan  1912  
Hood  Admiral-class Battlecruiser  United Kingdom  1918  
Howe  King George V (1939)-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1940  
Hyuga  Ise-class Battleship  Japan  1917  
Illinois  Iowa-class Battleship  United States    
Impero  Vittorio Veneto-class Battleship  Italy  1939  
Indiana  South Dakota-class Battleship  United States  1941  
Iowa  Iowa-class Battleship  United States  1942  
Ise  Ise-class Battleship  Japan  1916  
J  H-class Battleship  Germany    
Jean Bart  Richelieu-class Battleship  France  1940  
K (Planned)  H-class Battleship  Germany  1942 (Projected, not actual)  
Kentucky  Iowa-class Battleship  United States  1950  
Kilkis  Mississippi-class Battleship  Greece    
King George V  King George V (1939)-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1939  
Kirishima  Kongo-class Battleship  Japan  1913  
Kongo  Kongo-class Battleship  Japan  1913  
L (Planned)  H-class Battleship  Germany  1940 (Projected, not actual)  
Lemnos  Mississippi-class Battleship  Greece  1905  
Littorio  Vittorio Veneto-class Battleship  Italy  1937  
Lorraine  Bretagne-class Battleship  France  1913  
M (Planned)  H-class Battleship  Germany  1942 (Projected, not actual)  
Malaya  Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1915  
Maryland  Colorado-class Battleship  United States  1920  
Massachusetts  South Dakota-class Battleship  United States  1941  
Mississippi  New Mexico-class Battleship  United States  1917  
Missouri  Iowa-class Battleship  United States  1944  
Musashi  Yamato-class Battleship  Japan  1940  
Mutsu  Nagato-class Battleship  Japan  1920  
N (Planned)  H-class Battleship  Germany  1943 (Projected, not actual)  
Nagato  Nagato-class Battleship  Japan  1919  
Nelson  Nelson-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1925  
Nevada  Nevada-class Battleship  United States  1914  
New Jersey  Iowa-class Battleship  United States  1942  
New Mexico  New Mexico-class Battleship  United States  1917  
New York  New York-class Battleship  United States  1912  
North Carolina  North Carolina-class Battleship  United States  1940  
O (Planned)  O-class Battlecruiser  Germany  1941 (Projected, not actual)  
Oklahoma  Nevada-class Battleship  United States    
Oregon  Indiana-class Battleship  United States  1893  
P (Planned)  O-class Battlecruiser  Germany  1941 (Projected, not actual)  
Parizhskava Kommuna  Gangut-class Battleship  Russia  1911  
Pennsylvania  Pennsylvania-class Battleship  United States  1915  
Prince of Wales  King George V (1939)-class Battleship  United Kingdom    
Provence  Bretagne-class Battleship  France  1913  
Q (Planned)  O-class Battlecruiser  Germany  1942 (Projected, not actual)  
Queen Elizabeth  Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1913  
Renown  Renown-class Battlecruiser  United Kingdom    
Repulse  Renown-class Battlecruiser  United Kingdom    
Resolution  Revenge-class Battleship  United Kingdom    
Richelieu  Richelieu-class Battleship  France  1939  
Rodney  Nelson-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1925  
Roma  Vittorio Veneto-class Battleship  Italy  1940  
Royal Sovereign  Revenge-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1915  
Scharnhorst  Gneisenau-class Battlecruiser  Germany  1936  
Schlesien  Deutschland-class Battleship  Germany  1906  
Schleswig-Holstein  Deutschland-class Battleship  Germany  1906  
Settsu  Kawachi-class Battleship  Japan  1911  
South Dakota  South Dakota-class Battleship  United States  1941  
Strasbourg  Dunkerque-class Battleship  France  1936  
Tennessee  Tennessee-class Battleship  United States  1919  
Texas  New York-class Battleship  United States  1912  
Tirpitz  Bismarck-class Battleship  Germany  1939  
Valiant  Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1914  
Vittorio Veneto  Vittorio Veneto-class Battleship  Italy  1937  
Warspite  Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship  United Kingdom  1913  
Washington  North Carolina-class Battleship  United States  1940  
West Virginia  Colorado-class Battleship  United States  1921  
Wisconsin  Iowa-class Battleship  United States  1943  
Yamashiro  Fuso-class Battleship  Japan  1915  
Yamato  Yamato-class Battleship  Japan  1940  

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