Holland file photo [3904]


CountryUnited States
Ship ClassHolland-class Submarine Tender
BuilderPuget Sound Navy Yard
Launched12 Apr 1926
Commissioned1 Jun 1926
Decommissioned21 Mar 1947
Displacement8,100 tons standard; 11,570 tons full
Length513 feet
Beam61 feet
Draft23 feet
MachinerySteam turbines
Power Output7,000 shaft horsepower
Speed16 knots
Armament8x5in DP guns, 4x3in DP guns


ww2dbaseSubmarine tender Holland arrived at San Francisco, California, United States on 24 Apr 1926 to become the flagship of Captain J. T. Thompkins, Commander of Submarine Divisions, Battle Fleet, US Navy. On 24 Sep, she was assigned to San Diego, California to tend for submarines based there, with periodic trips to the Panama Canal Zone for similar duties. On 5 Nov 1930, she became flagship of Captain Chester W. Nimitz, Commander Submarine Divisions, Battle Fleet with additional duty as Commander of Submarine Division 20. On 1 Apr 1931, the title of Commander Submarine Divisions was abolished, but Nimitz retained his flag aboard Holland as the Commander of Submarine Division 20, which was later renamed Division 12. On 17 Jun 1931, Captain W. L. Friedell took over command of the division as Nimitz was promoted; Holland continued to be the flagship. Between Mar and Jul 1933, Holland temporarily served as Submarine Force Flagship. In Jun 1935, she became joint flagship of Submarine Squadron 6 and Submarine Division 12. In Jun 1941, she became flagship of Submarine Squadron 2.

ww2dbaseOn 22 Nov 1941, Holland arrived at Cavite Naval Base in the Philippine Islands to service submarines of the Asiatic Fleet, where she remained as the Japanese attacked Luzon in Dec 1941. She was hurried out of Manila Bay during one of the nights in early Dec for Balikpapan, Borneo. She remained undamaged through two Japanese raids at Balikpapan. She then made her way to Soerabaja, Java, where she repaired a damaged submarine. On 2 Jan 1942, she reached Darwin, Australia, under the escort of two destroyers, where she assisted in the repair of Allied ships and submarines. On 3 Feb, she left Darwin for Tjilajap, Java to remove Rear Admiral Charles Lockwood, Jr. and his Asiatic Fleet Submarine Force staff to Australia. She remained in Darwin and repaired several submarines before being ordered back to Mare Island Navy Yard for overhaul in late Feb 1943.

ww2dbaseHolland emerged from Mare Island Navy Yard in Jun 1943 and immediately steamed for Pearl Harbor. Within the next 11 months, she repaired 13 submarines. Between Jul and Nov 1944, she tended submarines in the Mariana Islands. In Jan 1945, after refitting at Pearl Harbor, she sailed for Guam to become Vice Admiral Lockwood's headquarters ship. She remained in that role until the end of the war.

ww2dbaseDuring the Pacific War, Holland provided 55 refits to submarines, provided repair and service to 20 surface ships, and completed various jobs on shore installations.

ww2dbaseAfter Japan's surrender, Lockwood shifted his flag ashore to Coconut Island, Apra Harbor, on 30 Aug 1945, relieving Holland of the duty. Holland was re-classified from submarine tender AS-3 to repair ship ARG-18. She sailed for Buckner Bay, Okinawa to pick up Rear Admiral Allen B. Smith, Commander of Service Squadron 10 and his staff before proceeding to Tokyo Bay, where she dropped anchor on 29 Sep 1945. On 28 Jun 1946, she arrived in San Diego, then headed for the Terminal Island Navy Yard at San Pedro for inactivation overhaul. She was decommissioned in San Diego in 1947. She was sold for scrap on 3 Oct 1953 to the Bethlehem Steel Company.

ww2dbaseSource: United States Navy Naval Historical Center.

Last Major Revision: Jun 2007

Submarine Tender Holland Interactive Map


USS Holland preparing to hoist USS S-4 by the bow in preparation for repair work, 1920sUSS Holland with submarines S-25, S-7, S-4, S-6, and S-8 (from inboard to outboard), circa 1926USS Holland tending S-25, S-28, S-24, S-27, S-26, S-48 or S-46, V-3, V-2, S-45, S-43, S-44, and S-42, San Diego, California, United States, circa 1930USS Holland with submarines V-3, V-2, S-45, S-43, S-44, and S-42, San Diego, California, United States, circa 1930
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Holland Operational Timeline

1 Jun 1926 USS Holland was commissioned at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington, United States.
21 Mar 1947 Holland was decommissioned from service.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. steph says:
7 Dec 2010 03:21:52 PM

I am so glad this is on the web. My grandfather James Warner served on the Holland. My father has shared stories with me that he was told by my grandfather especially about repairs to the US subs at night in japanese controlled waters. Then by day ported undercover at various islands with at times, the japanese on the other side, very exciting!!!
How brave these men were and we all owe them our upmost respect and deepest gratitude.
I never had the honor of meeting my grandfather but sites like this somehow draw me closer to him and what he truly loved. Thank You!
December 7, 2010.
2. George TEDDS ex Raf says:
27 Apr 2011 05:48:31 PM

The USS Holland disembarked 36 of us in Freemantel West Australia early 1943 after being evacuated from Tjilatjap Java by two 'tin can' destroyers the USS Pope and USS Ford, who passed us around several ships including the USS Stingray, USS Starfish, USS Black Hawk,USS Holland etc.
I have checked the history of the 'Holland'and there is no mention of it going to Freemantel, as I am now 89 years old ,I wonder if anyone else has any information about this ?. Geo
3. Robert E.Lee says:
28 Apr 2011 09:14:31 AM

I was a radioman aboard the U.S.S. Holland when it arrived at Fremantle March 3,1942. Do remember we had survivers aboard, have no idea as to their disposition. I am 90 and would like to hear from you or any other person who served in the area. Bob
4. George Tedds says:
28 Apr 2011 08:20:15 PM

Hi Robert,
I have been living in Australia since 1947, I spent one year 1943 with the RAAF, then went back to the RAF in Ceylon. While with the RAAF in AUS. I married a girl from Newcastle. She went to the UK for a couple of years until I was discharged from the RAF in 1947 when we returned to Aus. I have tried to contact the other 35 men who you landed in Freemantel in 1943, without any success. It is nice to hear from you. Geo
5. Robert E.Lee says:
2 May 2011 04:45:21 AM

Good Morning/evening George:
Finally arrived back where your message was posted. Would love to hear about where you live in Australaia, I married a girl from Melboune in 44 in Fremantle. Returned to AUS FOR A SHORT PERIOD IN 58, LIVED IN sHENTON pARK w.a. THEN AGAIN IN Melbourne in 69, then again in 2001 for a couple years, Ruby passed away in 2004. At present I'm in West Virginia,living wity un-married daughter, son,wife and their son along with his two children live here, then I have three grand children by our oldest daughter, who passed away in 98,live two in upstate New YORK AND ONE IN cONNNECTIC, ALL THREE HAVE TWO CHILDREN SO HAVE EIGHT Great Grand Kids, get up to see them now and then. I have a SKYPE FRINED IN ALBANY, AND ONE IN MELBOURNE, ENJOY TALKING WITH THEM, WOULD ALSO ENJOY HAING A BASH WITH YOU. MY SKYPE CONTACT IS BOB LEE. SO WILL WAIT FOR A CALL. BOB
6. Shannon says:
9 May 2011 09:13:56 PM

my dad passed away last and i was learning about his time in war, I learned a lil and im trying to find out more i know it was USS Holland he was in there around 1942 or 44 for about 4 years he was stationed at one point in Sassabee Japan , bombing of pearl harbour, WWII
i have his captains name somewhereand some more info, I am looking for pictures of the ship and people who were on this ship with him to pass on to my future generations. Can any one help?
7. George Tedds says:
9 May 2011 11:05:42 PM

G'Day Bob, I tried to add you to my Skype addresses but found 200 Bob Lee's on Skype. if you care to give me your email address I will email you first. for your info. I live in Laurieton on the Mid North Coast NSW.
Cheers for now Geo
8. kw says:
29 May 2011 11:23:53 PM

my dad served on USS S-27,USS S-28,USS Snapper SS-185,USS Holland AS-3 during
ww2 philippines 1941 and Australia. Do
not know exact dates. His Rate was C.C.S.
I would like to talk to someone that served
with him.
9. kw says:
8 Jul 2011 10:38:45 PM

ATT:Robert E. Lee
My dad W.W.Wells rating C.C.S.served on the
Sanpper frist then Holland during the war.
Did you know him?

Please let me know at dad52753@aol.com
10. Floyd's Daughter says:
27 May 2012 11:40:29 PM

Hello, I don't know who might still be on here, but my dad, Floyd Stokes, was a cook on the Holland. He told us stories about going to Australia and about being in Okinawa and Tokyo Bay. I have my dad's souviner Japanese rifle that he picked up in Tokyo. I would love to see if anyone can verify some of the stories I heard!
11. Ernest Milton Watkins says:
19 Jul 2012 12:07:12 PM

Hello, my father Ernest Milton Watkins, went by Milt Watkins was aboard the USS Holland from 1940-1946 and I would love to hear from someone who is still alive who may know him or from anyone with photos of the ship or tales that their relative may have told. I have a 7 page letter my father wrote years ago detailing a few encounters and would like to pass the stories along. Anyone may contact me. My email is ryan_watkins89@yahoo.com and my skype is ryan.lance.watkins (richmond ky) I hope to hear from someone, especiually someone alive who may have known him. George, I also tried to find your skype but to no avail. Thanks
12. Robert E. Lee says:
8 Nov 2012 01:27:41 PM

Dear Friends:
I will make this to all of you who have put a message up.
First off, I do not know the names of anyone mentioned, but then we were a very clanny community, each dept pretty well lived in their grup, so unless you happened to meet someone by chance, I find I don't recall some of my fellow Raidiomen, what a memory.
I have related in other stories my associaton with the U.S.S.Holland, from Oct 1940 to Sept (I think) 1943, when I transferred to the U.S.S. Orion, which was on it's way to Frenanle, W.A. hoping to make contact with the girl I had become engaged to. We did and were married June 1, 1944, till she passed away in March of 2004. We had made three attempts to settle in Australia but due to circumstances beyound oure control each time was NOT TO BE. So the last time was for just short of two years in Suburb (Eltham) Melbourne, what a lovely time we had, traveled over much of Victoria and as one of Ruby's sisters lived in Tasmania, we went there three times, each time traveling around, believe we covered the complete Island. What a wonderful place, I would gladly go there and live, it is also close to Melbourne, just an overnight or day trip by ship,Yes my Daughter Sharon and I would love to move there, but not to be. I have covered much of Australia, from Darwin to all major cities except the captial, am sorry we didn't try harder. We had a wonderful vacation in the Bright area, going to Omo by car from Bright, enjoyed our short visit there, It is or was the major Chinese Gold Campg of Australia, if any didn't know, the Chinese were allowed in in large numbers and the scattered through out Australia. When we arrived if was like finding Heaven. even if it was during the WET SEASON, and YES it did POUR. The people of Australia were much like the folks I grew up with, just plain country folks, even tho they lived in cities, where most did. anyone ypu met was a friend. I would love to hear from any and if it is possible to e-mail you. I see they do not publish such, but where there is a will there is a way. so send messege here. Love to all and may the New Year bring us all a better place. Bob
13. Fred Fisher says:
18 Jun 2014 06:14:53 PM

Hi, my name is Fred Fisher and I served for 31 years on conventional boats in both the RN & the RAN. I have been asked to research the American Submarines, Tenders and base at Albany in Western Australia during WW2. This is proving to be much more difficult than I thought. The information is to be used on memorial boards in the WA museum. If anyone can give me some help here with photos, history etc. I would really appreciate it. If not, if you can point me to some sites, historians or even archived history; that would be a great help.
Thank you.

Fred Fisher (Ex WOETC S/M) Australia
14. Dennis Bobby says:
19 May 2015 01:21:02 PM

My grandfather William Bobby served on the Holland from 1942 to 1945 he was a machinist mate 3rd class he told a lot of stories about it really interesting he passed away a few years ago is their anyone out their who may have served with him or remember him! Thank you Dennis !
15. Geoff Rowsell says:
3 Sep 2015 04:04:04 AM

My father Harold Rowsell was tasked with looking after the Bulk Oil and Petrol Refuelling and made quite a few friends with USN personnel from the USS Holland and some of the Subs that visited Albany during the war. I have Identification Card for a Lt (jg) Benjamin M. Perkins Number 392-0233.
Does anyone know of him and which ship/sub he may have served on?
Thank you, Geoff
16. Lois Tysver Fox says:
3 Sep 2015 08:32:19 AM

thank you everyone for sharing your stories. My dad, Don Tysver served on the Holland from Feb 1944 until late 1945. He never talked about his service, except for a few antidotes, such as Gene Autry in the Philipines,
17. Bob Cook says:
14 Oct 2015 11:55:58 AM

My grandfather was in the Navy in WWI and WWII...he was the skipper of an S-boat in WWI and was the Captain of the Holland in WWII, his name was Captain C.Q. Wright Jr...he commanded the Holland from 1944 to 1945, at wars end he retired...he passed away in Dec 1975 at 87 yrs of age...I am 62 years old and I have a lot of his war journals and photographs from his tour of duty on the Holland....would love to hear from any of his surviving crew members and share some memories....
18. Anonymous says:
24 Oct 2015 07:42:44 AM

19. Julie says:
6 Mar 2016 06:53:02 PM

Can anyone tell me if SS HOLLAND went through Melbourne Australia in February or early March 1942. Or what submarines did?
20. Melvin Gowans says:
5 Apr 2017 03:23:52 PM

I'm am former shipmate of the Holland seeking
V.A. benefits for 47 years. I am at the point of success, however I need to locate a few other shipmates to verify the truthfulness of my claim. I have the names and service numbers, bu I need more info on them to track them down
21. fuqua says:
11 Jul 2017 02:09:02 PM

Bruce Fuqua died on USS Holland on 1-3-1944. He was a s2c. He is listed as a "non-combat dead". Would like to know what happened. Thank you,
22. Michael Mohan says:
31 Jul 2018 01:34:13 PM

My father( James J Mohan) served on the Holland during WWII. Where can I find out more information about him and where the ship traveled.
23. Jon Lacy says:
23 Jan 2020 09:51:13 AM

My father Bob Lacy, was on the Holland in 1944, servicing subs during Marianas campaign.
24. Susan Cohen says:
30 May 2021 02:59:13 PM

My father Dominic C. Martorana served on this ship during WWII. Where can I find a record showing when he boarded and when he left the Holland?
25. Stephen Magill says:
9 Sep 2021 04:35:28 PM

My father was a fireman on the USS Holland, late in WW 2. He was 17 years old. He sailed out of San Francisco to Pearl Harbor and then on. After the war was over he sailed on the Shanghai, China and returned to San Diego after the war.
26. mike mohan says:
1 Nov 2021 02:33:21 PM

My father served on the Holland as a Petty Officer First Class Machinist
Mate, from 1942 until the bend of the war. Theycalled him Pops
27. Anonymous says:
1 Dec 2021 10:16:22 AM

Hi. Recently purchased a cacheted envelope for the Holland. It intrigued me and i'm trying to find out about its significance. It appears to be hand drawn, has a dark blue background, and a lone wolf with paw raised howling at a crescent moon above. Anyone know the significance of this drawing and the reason for its appearing as a cachet?

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USS Holland preparing to hoist USS S-4 by the bow in preparation for repair work, 1920s
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