Medium Mark A Whippet file photo [21832]

Medium Mark A Whippet

CountryUnited Kingdom
ManufacturerWilliam Foster and Company
Primary RoleMedium Tank


ww2dbaseMedium Mark A Whippet tanks were first produced in 1917 with the intention to complement the heavier and slower tanks of the WW1 era. After WW1, they served with 17th Battalion of Royal Tank Corps during the Anglo-Irish War and with the expeditionary forces during the Russian Civil War. They remained in service with British forces until the 1930s, thus saw no action during WW2 in Europe. However, the three or four that were exported to Japan, after serving in training roles in Japan in the 1920s, were deployed abroad to northeastern China, ie. the puppet state of Manchukuo, in the 1930s. They served with units charged with the suppression of resistance actions. The Japanese Medium Mark A Whippet tanks were equipped with Type 3 heavy machine guns and had improved armoring in front of the driver seat (for better visibility and better ventilation). It was unknown when these WW1-era machine were finally retired from Japanese service.

ww2dbaseAbout 200 Medium Mark A Whippet tanks were built between 1917 and 1919.

David Fletcher, Medium Mark A Whippet

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Medium Mark A Whippet Timeline

21 Dec 1916 The construction of the first prototype Medium Mark A Whippet tank began in Britain.
3 Feb 1917 The first prototype Medium Mark A Whippet tank was completed in Britain.
3 Mar 1917 The first prototype Medium Mark A Whippet tank participated in a trial with other models at Oldbury, central England, United Kingdom.
14 Dec 1917 F Battalion of the British Army Tank Corps became the first unit to receive the new Whippet medium tanks.
24 Apr 1918 A Medium Mark A Whippet tank was destroyed by a German A7V tank in the world's second tank battle, and the first tank-to-tank battle, in France.


Medium Mark A Whippet
MachineryTwo Tylor Twin 4-cyl side-valve JB4 45-horsepower petrol engines
Armament4x0.303in Hotchkiss machine guns
Length6.10 m
Width2.62 m
Height2.75 m
Weight14.0 t
Speed13 km/h


Japanese Army Medium Mark A Whippet tank, date unknownJapanese Whippet medium tanks in northeastern China, 1930s

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