76 mm Divisional Gun M1939 (F-22 USV) file photo [15149]

76 mm Divisional Gun M1939 (F-22 USV) Field Gun

Country of OriginRussia
TypeField Gun
Caliber76.200 mm
Length5.950 mm
Barrel Length3,200.000 mm
Weight1484.000 kg
Ammunition Weight6.10 kg
Rate of Fire15 rounds/min
Range12,185 m
Muzzle Velocity670 m/s


ww2dbaseIn Mar 1937, the Russian Army issued a requirement for a field gun that would replace the unsatisfactory 76-millimeter field gun that had been in service only since the previous year. V. G. Grabin, the designer of the original gun, despite complaints with his previous design, won the competition in 1939. Production began in the same year, and 1,150 were built through 1940. When Germany invaded Russia in 1941, 1,070 were in active service. Production re-opened at No. 92 and Barrikady plants shortly after the start of the Russo-German war, producing a further 2,616 guns in 1941 and 6,046 in 1942. In total, 9,812 guns were made.

Although designated F-22 USV as if they were simply upgraded versions of their predecessors, the design was actually entirely different. They were typically each served by a crew of five men. Russian troops reported that they were better than the earlier F-22 guns, but were still too heavy and unwieldy to be used on the front lines. Like their predecessors, the sights and elevation controls were on different sides of the gun, thus making them ineffective anti-tank guns.

In 1941 and 1942, the German military captured hundreds of 76-millimeter F-22 USV field guns. Many of them were pressed into service under the designation 7.62 cm FK 297(r); by Mar 1944, 359 guns were in German service (295 in France, 40 in Denmark, and 24 on the Eastern Front). Some of them were later converted to anti-tank guns, operated under the designation of 7.62 cm PaK 39(r). Finland also captured 9 of these guns and were designated 76 K 39 by the Finns, but they were never used by the Finnish Army.

Source: Wikipedia.


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Soviet 76 mm Divisional Gun M1939 (F-22 USV) in action, Russia, 1941-194276 mm Divisional Gun M1939 (F-22 USV) of the Soviet 19th Guards Rifle Regiment being drawn by horses, 1943German SdKfz. 251 halftrack vehicle towing a Russian 76mm F-22 USV field gun, Russia, Oct 1943British soldier with Sten gun on a Soviet-built F-22 USV gun which had recently been captured from German troops, France, 1944

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Soviet 76 mm Divisional Gun M1939 (F-22 USV) in action, Russia, 1941-1942
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