Breda Model 35 file photo [10052]

Breda Model 35 Anti-Aircraft Gun

Country of OriginItaly
TypeAnti-Aircraft Gun
Caliber20.000 mm
Capacity12 rounds
Length3,340.000 mm
Barrel Length1,870.000 mm
Weight330.000 kg
Rate of Fire240 rounds/min
Ceiling1,500 m
Muzzle Velocity840 m/s


ww2dbaseThe Cannone-Mitragliera da 20/65 modello 35 (Breda) anti-aircraft guns, or Breda Model 35, were designed by the Italian firm Società Italiana Ernesto Breda of Brescia in 1932 and were adopted by the Italian military in 1935. They had an effective ceiling of 1.5 kilometers. They were designed as dual-purpose guns, for that they could also be used in an anti-tank role with capability of penetrating 30 millimeters of armor at a range of 500 meters. During the Spanish Civil War, Nationalist troops mounted Breda Model 35 guns on German-made Panzer I light tanks and other light vehicles, thus creating effective tank destroyers against Soviet-made light tanks used by the Republican forces. During the Winter War and the subsequent Continuation War against the Soviet Union, the Finnish Army had 88 Breda Model 35 anti-aircraft guns in their inventory, while the Finnish Navy equipped four motor torpedo boats with them for anti-aircraft defense. The Italian troops used them extensively during the Desert War; when large numbers of them were captured by the British, many of them came into British possession, who reassigned them to British and Australian units for combat use both on land and aboard ships. After the war, the Finnish military retained them for training purposes until the late 1980s.

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Breda Model 35 Anti-Aircraft Gun Interactive Map


Breda Model 35 anti-aircraft gun in Chinese service, 1937Chinese troops manning an Italian-made Breda Model 35 anti-aircraft gun, Shanghai, China, 1937R. K. Bryant of 8 Battery, Australian 2/rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment manning an Italian-made Breda Model 35 anti-aircraft gun, Derna, Libya, Mar 1941Italian AB 41 armored cars in the Balkan Peninsula, 1943
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Breda Model 35 Anti-Aircraft Gun Photo Gallery
Breda Model 35 anti-aircraft gun in Chinese service, 1937
See all 7 photographs of Breda Model 35 Anti-Aircraft Gun

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