Hanyang Type 88 Rifle

Country of OriginChina
Caliber7.920 mm
Capacity5 rounds
Length1,250.000 mm
Barrel Length740.000 mm
Weight4.060 kg
Rate of Fire15 rounds/min
Range500 m
Muzzle Velocity600 m/s


ww2dbaseQing Dynasty China patterned the Hanyang Type 88 bolt-action rifles directly after the German Gewehr 88 design. The Hanyang Arsenal in Hubei Province, China began producing them in 1895, and the successor state Republic of China continued the production through 1944. 1,083,480 examples, in both rifle and carbine forms, were produced during the long production life. They were one of the standard infantry rifles of the Chinese Army during WW2 despite the introduction of the ZhongzhengType 24 "Chiang Kaishek" rifles (copies of Mauser M1924 rifles) in 1935, largely because they were relatively cheap to mass produce and they had ample stopping power despite the aging design. After the conclusion of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, some of them remained in use with the Nationalist Republic of China Army in Taiwan, while some were captured by Communist forces; a number of them were in use by the Chinese Communists during the Korean War.

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FN Mle 1930 light machine guns and Hanyang 88 rifles, 1930sChinese troops on the march near Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China, Mar-Apr 1939Chinese soldier with Hangyang Type 88 rifle, Chongqing, China, 1940sChinese soldiers outside an event held in honor of special envoy Wendell Wilkie, Henan Province, China, 1942; note Hangyang Type 88 rifles
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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Dave Williams says:
20 Mar 2020 07:30:18 AM

I have aquaried I think a Hangyang 88 rifle, it's been deactivated but the bolt action and trigger still work, there are extensive markings stamped into the butt stock which I ould like to identify, if anyone could help email me and I can send images
2. arik arden says:
1 May 2020 01:23:12 PM

i got a hanyang rifle and the only markings on it are z4470. how would i find the year of production?

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Hanyang Type 88 Rifle Photo Gallery
FN Mle 1930 light machine guns and Hanyang 88 rifles, 1930s
See all 19 photographs of Hanyang Type 88 Rifle

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