Ehrhardt 7.5 cm Model 1901 file photo [15928]

Ehrhardt 7.5 cm Model 1901 Field Gun

Country of OriginNorway
TypeField Gun
Caliber75.000 mm
Barrel Length2,235.000 mm
Weight1037.000 kg
Ammunition Weight6.50 kg
Rate of Fire8 rounds/min
Range10,000 m
Muzzle Velocity500 m/s


ww2dbaseIn 1901, the German weapons manufacturer Rheinische Metallwaren und Maschinenfabrik, having beaten rival Schneider-Canet of France, built 138 examples of Ehrhardt 7.5 cm Model 1901 field guns and sold them to the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway. In 1905, the union between Sweden and Norway were dissolved, and most of these guns remained with the Norwegian Army. They were initially built as direct-fire guns only, but in 1911 they were fitted with Goerz panoramic telescopes at the Kongsberg Armaments Factory in southern Norway, provided them with the capability for indirect fire. In the 1920s, the guns went under overhaul, with some of them receiving rubber tires for motor transportation. During the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union, Norway secretly dispatched a field artillery battalion (12 Ehrhardt guns with 7,166 shells) to join the Finnish Army in Feb 1940 in violation of Norway's pledge of neutrality; they were operated by the Finnish Army under the designation 75 K 01. When the Germans invaded Norway in Apr 1940, Ehrhardt 7.5 cm Model 1901 field guns were still the Norwegian's standard field guns. In addition to the intended role, they were also seen as improved anti-tank weapons, as Norway lacked modern anti-tank measures. Upon the German conquest of Norway, the examples captured were pressed into German service under the designation 7.5 cm FK 246(n); they were generally used by the Germans for coastal defense purposes, although at least 17 of them were later rebuilt as anti-tank guns. After the war, they were retired from service in the late 1940s, but many of them were kept in operable condition as ceremonial guns.

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Ehrhardt 7.5 cm field gun on sled transport during exercises, Norway, 1904, photo 1 of 2Ehrhardt 7.5 cm field gun on sled transport during exercises, Norway, 1904, photo 2 of 2Norwegian Ehrhardt 7.5 cm field gun near Narvik, Norway, May 1940

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Ehrhardt 7.5 cm field gun on sled transport during exercises, Norway, 1904, photo 1 of 2
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