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Second Battle of Arakan

30 Dec 1943 - 6 Apr 1944


ww2dbaseThe Anglo-Indian XV Corps under Lieutenant General Philip Christison launched a renewed offensive at the Mayu Peninsula in the Arakan region of Burma in late 1943. The small port city of Maungdaw was captured on 9 Jan 1944. The Japanese 55th Division, under Lieutenant General Hanaya Tadashi, dispatched units of the Sakurai Force in small groups on 5 Feb, penetrating positions held by Indian 7th Division without being detected. On the following day, the Japanese crossed the Kalapanzin River and attacked the forward headquarters of the Indian 7th Division in surprise, forcing the divisional staff to destroy of the orders and signal equipment before fleeing. The Japanese then advanced toward the Indian 7th Division's administrative area at Sinzweya, Burma. In the subsequent Battle of the Admin Box, the Japanese failed to dislodge the Anglo-Indian defensive point, and eventually the offensive was beaten off as the Japanese supplies dwindled; 3,106 Japanese were killed and 2,229 were wounded in this failed offensive. In the second week of Mar 1944, men of the 161st Infantry Brigade of the Indian 5th Division captured the village of Razabil. In late Mar, the Anglo-Indian offensive resumed. On 6 Apr, Indian troops captured the critical Point 551 hill that dominated the surrounding regions, but overall the offensive had waned at this point, and the Anglo-Indians paused to regroup. William Slim's focus on the central regions of Burma meant that the Allies would not gain another opportunity to gain the remainder of the Arakan region for months to come.

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Sikh troops of Indian 7th Division fighting at the Ngakyeduak Pass near Sinzweya, Burma, 6 Feb 1944

Second Battle of Arakan Timeline

9 Jan 1944 Indian 5th Division captured the coastal port city of Maungdaw, Burma, but the attack on Donbaik was halted by the Japanese.
5 Feb 1944 Troops of Sakurai Force of Japanese 55th Division penetrated lines held by Indian 7th Division in Arakan, Burma undetected.
6 Feb 1944 Japanese attacked the forward headquarters of Indian 7th Division in Arakan, Burma by surprise.
7 Feb 1944 Japanese troops captured a divisional Anglo-Indian dressing station at Sinzweya, Burma and killed 35 medical staff and patients.
14 Feb 1944 Japanese launched a major attack on the Anglo-Indian defensive position "Admin Box" at Sinzweya, Burma, capturing one hill on the perimeter.
15 Feb 1944 Anglo-Indian troops recaptured a hill they lost on the previous night at Sinzweya, Burma, suffering heavy casualties in the process.
22 Feb 1944 Japanese Colonel Tanahashi, his troops beginning to starve while attacking Sinzweya, Burma, refused to make further attacks until food and supplies arrived.
24 Feb 1944 Japanese Colonel Tanahashi ordered a retreat from Sinzweya, Burma without authorization.
26 Feb 1944 The Japanese offensive on Sinzweya, Burma was called off, ending the Battle of the Admin Box.
6 Apr 1944 Indian 26th Division captured Point 551 hill in Burma.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Alan says:
28 Apr 2012 07:39:41 AM

At this stage of the Burma campaign XV Corps commanded by Lieutenant-General Philip Christison consisted of 5th Indian Division (Major General Harold Rawdon Briggs), 7th Indian Division (Major General Frank Messervy)and 81st (West African) Division (Major General Frederick Joseph Loftus-Tottenham)
2. Alan says:
29 Apr 2012 02:34:46 AM

Fearing that 7th Indian might have been overrun and destroyed, on 5th February Slim placed 26th Indian under XV Corps command and commenced mobilization of other reserves.

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Sikh troops of Indian 7th Division fighting at the Ngakyeduak Pass near Sinzweya, Burma, 6 Feb 1944

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