26 Nov 1920

24 Feb 1942

26 Feb 1942

  • The floatplane from Japanese submarine I-25 conducted a reconnaissance mission over Melbourne, Australia. ww2dbase [Melbourne, Victoria | CPC]
5 Mar 1942

  • US 8th Pursuit Squadron, flying P-40 fighters, was sent to Melbourne, Australia. ww2dbase [Melbourne, Victoria | CPC]
20 Mar 1942

  • The US Navy set up a new radio intelligence station at Melbourne, Australia; many of the staff members of this new station were recently evacuated from station CAST at Corregidor, Philippine Islands. ww2dbase [Melbourne, Victoria | CPC]
21 May 1942

  • The US Navy cryptanalytic team in Melbourne, Australia belatedly voiced its agreement that the Japanese Navy was likely targeting Midway Atoll. In Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii, Joseph Rochefort furnished the official report noting that Midway Atoll was confirmed as the Japanese target. Chester Nimitz, who had already began to prepare for such an attack, ordered his carriers to exercise radio silence to prevent the Japanese from learning of his attempt to gather Pacific Fleet carriers at Pearl Harbor. ww2dbase [Battle of Midway and the Aleutian Islands | Melbourne, Victoria | CPC]
20 Jul 1942

20 Dec 1943

Photo(s) dated 20 Dec 1943
St Paul
2 Feb 1944

Photo(s) dated 2 Feb 1944
Chief Justice of Victoria, Australia Edmund Herring shaking hands with Major General C. E. M. Lloyd, Melbourne, Australia, 2 Feb 1944
13 Dec 1944

Photo(s) dated 13 Dec 1944
Officers of the staff of Admiral Bruce Fraser meeting for the first time, Melbourne, Australia, 13 Dec 1944
11 Oct 1989


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