23 Jan 1890

3 Aug 1891

18 Mar 1893

8 Jan 1938

  • In the morning, 13 Japanese Navy E8N floatplanes attacked Nanning, Guangxi Province, China; five Japanese-built Nakajima Type 91-1 parasol monoplane fighters of Chinese 32nd Pursuit Squadron attempted to intercept, but three of them would be shot down, and one of the Chinese pilots would be killed by gunfire while descending in his parachute. In the afternoon, another attack was mounted with 14 E8N floatplanes; the Chinese managed to shoot down one Japanese aircraft. ww2dbase [Nanning Airfield | Nanning, Guangxi | CPC]
2 Nov 1939

  • Arthur Chin, flying a Gladiator fighter, damaged a Japanese Navy C5M reconnaissance aircraft over Wuming Airfield, Guangxi Province, China. Observer Sub-Lieutenant Yonetaro Ueda was seriously injured, but the pilot was able to nurse the damaged aircraft back to its base on Hainan Island off the southern Chinese coast. ww2dbase [Arthur Chin | Wuming, Guangxi | CPC]
17 Nov 1939

  • Japanese troops landed at Fangcheng and Beihai in Guangxi Province, China. ww2dbase [Guangxi | CPC]
19 Nov 1939

  • Japanese troops overran the Xiaodong defensive line in Guangxi Province, China, advancing toward Nanning. ww2dbase [Guangxi | CPC]
24 Nov 1939

  • Japanese 5th Division captured Nanning, Guangxi Province, China. ww2dbase [Nanning, Guangxi | CPC]
18 Dec 1939

Photo(s) dated 18 Dec 1939
Chinese troops at Kunlunguan Pass, Guangxi Province, 18 Dec 1939
19 Dec 1939

22 Dec 1939

  • Zhou Zhikai, flying an I-15bis fighter, shared a victory with his squadron commander Captain Jiang Weihua for the downing of a G4M bomber of Japanese 15th Kokutai over Liuzhou, Guangxi, China. ww2dbase [Zhou Zhikai | Liuzhou, Guangxi | CPC]
27 Dec 1939

  • Arthur Chin, flying a Gladiator fighter, escorted three SB-2 bombers (flown by Soviet volunteer crews) in a mission against Japanese positions near Kunlun Pass near Nanning, Guangxi Province, China. He shot down a Japanese A5M fighter which was attacking Lieutenant Chen Yexin's I-15bis fighter, but he was in turn hit by another A5M fighter. He successfully bailed out of his burning fighter, but not before he suffered serious burns to his face. ww2dbase [Arthur Chin | Nanning, Guangxi | CPC]
31 Dec 1939

  • Chinese declared victory at Kunlun Pass 59 kilometers northeast of Nanning, Guangxi Province, China, although the remnants of Japanese troops trapped in the region would not capitulate until mid-Jan 1940. ww2dbase [Winter Offensive | Nanning, Guangxi | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 31 Dec 1939
Victorious Chinese troops at Kunlun Pass, Guangxi Province, China, 31 Dec 1939, photo 1 of 2Victorious Chinese troops at Kunlun Pass, Guangxi Province, China, 31 Dec 1939, photo 2 of 2Chinese troops at Kunlun Pass, Guangxi, China, 31 Dec 1939, photo 1 of 2Chinese troops at Kunlun Pass, Guangxi, China, 31 Dec 1939, photo 2 of 2
See all photos dated 31 Dec 1939
10 Jan 1940

4 Feb 1944

Photo(s) dated 4 Feb 1944
Pilots of 7th Fighter Squadron, Chinese-American Composite Wing (Provisional) Ye Wangfei, Squadron Leader Bill Reed, Xu Huajiang, and Tan Kun at Guilin Airfield, China, 4 Mar 1944
5 Apr 1944

  • 26 Japanese A6M Zero fighters of the Sanya Kokutai and the Kaiko Kokutai based in Hainan, China attacked Nanning, Guangxi, China, destroying 2 B-25 bombers and 3 P-40 fighters on the ground and shooting down 7 P-40 fighters in the air. 8 A6M fighters were lost. ww2dbase [Nanning Airfield | Nanning, Guangxi | CPC]
11 May 1944

  • Tan Kun, flying a P-40N fighter, shot down one Ki-43-II aircraft and damaged another near Tanchu, Guangxi Province, China. ww2dbase [Tan Kun | Tanchu, Guangxi | CPC]
16 Aug 1944

14 Sep 1944

  • Joseph Stilwell visited Guilin, China and ordered the nearby airfields to be abandoned and gas stores destroyed to prevent Japanese capture. ww2dbase [Operation Ichigo | Guilin, Guangxi | CPC]
1 Nov 1944

7 Jun 1945

Photo(s) dated 7 Jun 1945
An unidentified Chinese officer, General Robert B. McClure, General He Yingqin, General Zhang Fakui, and General Harwood Bowman at Bowman
21 Nov 1949

Photo(s) dated 21 Nov 1949
Li Zongren and his family in Guilin, Guangxi, China, 21 Nov 1949; they were departing for the United States via Hong Kong

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