6 Jun 1943
  • Hisaichi Terauchi was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal. ww2dbase [Hisaichi Terauchi | CPC]
  • The new French Committee of National Liberation made a radio broadcast from Algiers, French Algeria, pledging to abolish the "arbitrary powers" imposed by the French government in Vichy and to restore "all French liberties, the laws of the Republic and the Republican regime". ww2dbase [CPC]
Caroline Islands
  • USS Tunny arrived off Truk, Caroline Islands. ww2dbase [Tunny | Truk | CPC]
  • 8 Japanese light bombers escorted by 14 fighters attacked Liangshan Airfield in Chongqing, China, destroying 12 P-40 fighters and 1 other aircraft on the ground. Captain Zhou Zhikai, who had just landed in a P-40E fighter after a ground support mission, commandeered a P-66 Vanguard fighter belonging to US Army Air Forces parked nearby and shot down two Ki-48 aircraft and damaged another. Zhou was later awarded the Order of Blue Sky and White Sun for this action. ww2dbase [Bombing of Shanghai, Chongqing, and other Cities | Liangshan Airfield | Zhou Zhikai | Chongqing | CPC]
  • Fresh troops of the Chinese 74th Corps arrived in the Hubei-Hunan border region in China, wiping out two brigades of the Japanese 17th Independent Mixed Regiment. ww2dbase [Battle of Exi | CPC]
  • The USAAF made its first operational sortie with the North American A-36 Invader (also known as Apache) when the 27th Fighter Bomber Group based at Rasel Ma in French Morocco participated in the mass fighter-bomber assault on the Italian Pantelleria Island. The island was later captured and became the base for two A-36 groups during the invasion of Sicily, Italy. One of the pilots of the 27th Fighter Bomber Group, Lieutenant Michael T. Russo, would later become the only ace in the Allison-engined Mustang fighter. ww2dbase [Battle of Pantelleria and Pelagie Islands | Pantelleria, Sicilia | AC]
Japan Taiwan
  • The Shirakawa Prisoners of War Camp in southern Taiwan was opened at the site of a former Japanese Army base. ww2dbase [CPC]
Photo(s) dated 6 Jun 1943
Gun camera still by Flight Sergeant Batchelor No. 457 Squadron RAAF of Japanese G4M1 bombers in flight near Darwin, Australia, 6 Jun 194337 mm Gun M3 mounted aboard a M6 Gun Motor Carriage, with additional .50 cal machine gun attached, 3 miles west of Watertown, Tennessee, United States, 6 Jun 1943

6 Jun 1943 Interactive Map

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