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ww2dbaseAlan Chanter was born in London in 1947. Enlisting in the British Army in 1967, Alan saw service in Germany and Northern Ireland and visited Berlin and Cyprus. Rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant, he was twice introduced to members of the Royal Family and awarded both the General Service Medal with clasp for Northern Ireland and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Retiring from the Army in 1989, Alan took employment in a factory manufacturing components for machine tools until his job became redundant in 2002.

ww2dbaseAlways interested in History (particularly that relating to the Military), in 2001 Alan began writing short items for a number of History-based Internet Newsgroups. Whilst unemployed this developed into some rather lengthier essays.

ww2dbaseAlan now resides in Lincoln (founded by the Romans) and is married with three adult children. He is currrently employed, part-time, as a driver for a local Taxi company.

Latest Contributions

Facility: Danesfield House29 May 2019 
Facility: Pentagon1 May 2019 
Ship: Parizhskava Kommuna24 Apr 2019 
Vehicle: SdKfz 165 Hummel3 Apr 2019 
Aircraft: M.14 Magister25 Mar 2019 
Person: Maynard Smith1 Mar 2019 
Facility: Möhnesee Dam18 Feb 2019 
Aircraft: Fw 44 Stieglitz21 Jan 2019 
Facility: ROF Chorley24 Oct 2018 
Person: Sergei Simonov17 Sep 2018 
Person: John Hoover5 Sep 2018 
Person: Harry Hopkins1 Aug 2018 
Person: Violette Szabo25 Jul 2018 
Person: Anna Roosevelt4 Jul 2018 
Aircraft: Bf 108 Taifun14 Jun 2018 
Ship: Neptune23 May 2018 
Aircraft: Bü 18123 Apr 2018 
Vehicle: Commercial C8 FAT18 Apr 2018 
Facility: Old Buckenham Airfield4 Apr 2018 
Person: Alton Miller26 Mar 2018 
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Photographs/Maps Contributions

Eleanor Roosevelt at the launching ceremony of carrier Yorktown, Newport News, Virginia, United States, 4 Apr 1936British Army dispatch rider on a BSA M20 motorcycle, date unknownKing George VI, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Queen Elizabeth, in London, England, United Kingdom, 23 Oct 1942Memorial Wall, Battle of Britain Memorial, Capel-le-Ferne, Kent, England, United Kingdom, Sep 2017
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Timeline Contributions

Alan Chanter has also contributed 3,141 entries in the WW2 Timeline. A small sample of his timeline contributions is shown below.

» 8 Sep 1946: About a thousand people converged on Kensington High Street in London, England, United Kingdom intent on taking over empty properties for desperately needed accommodation. In a typically British response the Women's Voluntary Service provided hot drinks to the demonstrators while even the police supplied tea and coffee from Kensington Barracks. The Press were sympathetic too as were much of the public, some of whom actively assisted the squatters by passing food and drink through windows. The police picked up and distributed food parcels and blankets, money, food, chocolate and cigarettes were collected for the families. Student from London University marched throughout the streets in support. After Prime Minister Clement Attlee refused to meet with a delegation a frightened government threaten to employ force to evict the squatters, but the protest eventually ended when it was announced that squatters could lose their rights to a place on the Council Housing queue if they persisted in occupation. Read More
» 15 Feb 1928: Former British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith (Lord Oxford) of the Liberal Party died at his home at Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom.
» 18 Jan 1945: Royal Scots Fusilier Dennis Donnini became the youngest man to win a Victoria Cross during WW2. In an action at Roermond, the Netherlands the 19-years-old Fusilier (only 4-ft 10-in tall), despite having been hit on the head by a ricocheting bullet bravely charged a German position and destroyed it with grenades, being wounded again in the process. Later to allow his comrades to outflank a second German position, he stood in the open blazing away with a Bren gun until he was killed by a chance bullet that hit a grenade he was about to throw, blowing him up. Fusilier Donnini was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his valour. Donnini's brother had died of war wounds in 1944 and a second sibling has been a prisoner of war since Dunkirk.
» 14 Dec 1941: At 1500 hours, Japanese troops overran Allied defenses near Gurun, British Malaya but failed to reach the town.
» 24 Sep 1935: Hitler's Minister for Church Affairs, Hans Kerrl, appointed a Reich Church committee to supervise the local committees of dissident Evangelical Churches.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Anonymous says:
9 Aug 2016 07:34:01 AM

Your article for 9 Aug 1924 says that this was the date the Shenandoah docked with the Patoka - and may, in the date-line boundary sense of the world, be correct. However, the US Naval History and Heritage Command web site, and others, show and 8 Aug date of that event. I think you are a day off. Check:
2. Stella Thornton says:
1 Sep 2017 10:08:19 AM

Please could I ask you contact me as Sgt George Benton is my grandfather and you mentioned him in one of your threads ref Dunkirk - he used a stretcher to walk over on East mole to take casualties to a ship to be casivac -my email is Thank you so much Stella
3. Thomas Lee says:
17 Feb 2018 01:43:54 PM

For 23 Feb 1943, AC sites "seven tankers sunk by ACOUSTIC TORPEDOES."
The Germans did not deploy such devices until march of that year, per Wikipedia:

Scroll down to the citation for the model G7e/T4 Falke

All the best, Tom Lee

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