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ww2dbaseAlan Chanter was born in London in 1947. Enlisting in the British Army in 1967, Alan saw service in Germany and Northern Ireland and visited Berlin and Cyprus. Rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant, he was twice introduced to members of the Royal Family and awarded both the General Service Medal with clasp for Northern Ireland and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Retiring from the Army in 1989, Alan took employment in a factory manufacturing components for machine tools until his job became redundant in 2002.

ww2dbaseAlways interested in History (particularly that relating to the Military), in 2001 Alan began writing short items for a number of History-based Internet Newsgroups. Whilst unemployed this developed into some rather lengthier essays.

ww2dbaseA retired widower with three adult children, Alan's interests now include studying the equipment, weapons, aircraft etc. from the Second World war and compiling articles for this website.

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Vehicle: 508 CM8 Jun 2022 
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Weapon: M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo16 Feb 2022 
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Aircraft: Pe-810 Mar 2021 
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Vehicle: Universal Carrier2 Dec 2020 
Person: Vera Rosenberg28 Oct 2020 
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Panhard Type 178 armoured cars on parade, date unknownEleanor Roosevelt at the launching ceremony of carrier Yorktown, Newport News, Virginia, United States, 4 Apr 1936Luigi Torelli, date unknownPe-8 bombers in flight, date unknown
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Timeline Contributions

Alan Chanter has also contributed 3,235 entries in the WW2 Timeline. A small sample of his timeline contributions is shown below.

» 14 Aug 1940: On his way to ignite a coup in the Irish Republic and an uprising against Ulster, IRA Chief of Staff, Sean Russell, died aboard a German U-boat of a perforated ulcer. Trained in sabotage by the Germans, he was buried at sea wrapped in a Swastika flag.

» 13 Dec 1942: The Enigma codebooks captured by HMS Petard from the sinking German submarine U-559 arrived at Bletchley Park's Hut 8 and within one hour intercepts of German submarine signals allowed the British Admiralty to instantly pinpoint the location of fifteen U-Boats.

» 22 Jan 1918: Ukrainian delegates traveled to Brest-Litovsk, Russia (now in Belarus) to take part in the peace talks.

» 9 Jan 1919: Serious incidents of fighting occurred in the streets of Berlin, Germany, between the Freikorps and the Leibknecht's Spartacists. The forces of the left were defeated.

» 17 Aug 1945: In the United States, petrol rationing was removed. Fuel rationing would not be lifted in the United Kingdom until May 1950.

» 6 Feb 1941: The British Royal Air Force established the Directorate of Air Sea Rescue (Motto: "The sea shall not have them"). Operationally it was to become known as Air Sea Rescue Services (ASRS), which later became the RAF Search and Rescue Force. The headquarters of the ASRS was co-located with that of Coastal Command with whom it would operate closely.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Anonymous says:
9 Aug 2016 07:34:01 AM

Your article for 9 Aug 1924 says that this was the date the Shenandoah docked with the Patoka - and may, in the date-line boundary sense of the world, be correct. However, the US Naval History and Heritage Command web site, and others, show and 8 Aug date of that event. I think you are a day off. Check:
2. Stella Thornton says:
1 Sep 2017 10:08:19 AM

Please could I ask you contact me as Sgt George Benton is my grandfather and you mentioned him in one of your threads ref Dunkirk - he used a stretcher to walk over on East mole to take casualties to a ship to be casivac -my email is
Thank you so much
3. Thomas Lee says:
17 Feb 2018 01:43:54 PM

For 23 Feb 1943, AC sites "seven tankers sunk by ACOUSTIC TORPEDOES."
The Germans did not deploy such devices until march of that year, per Wikipedia:

Scroll down to the citation for the model G7e/T4 Falke

All the best, Tom Lee

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